Do you have a secret -

for knitting with cotton chenille? I just purchased some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille to knit a chemo cap for friend and found this yarn is not like anything I have knit with before. It has absolutely no stretchiness and barely slides on my Addis.

Anyone have a secret :psst: for knitting with this yarn?

After making a cardigan for my DGD with it, my secret is that I [B][I][U]don’t[/U][/I][/B]. Cant’ stand the stuff.
Good luck with your project, though, it could be that you have more patience and better hands than I do.

I had a bunch of it given to me when I first started knitting. I tried knitting a scarf UHK! [B]My secret is I gave it all to the goodwill.[/B] I think it is great for weaving. My daughter weaves. She didn’t like the color’s so she gave them to me. It does have it’s place but , not in my house :wink:

Thanks for your thoughts. After casting on, purling the first row, joining and knitting the second row in pattern, I wound it back up on the ball. I think my friend’s chemo caps will be from another fiber.
Hmm, I wonder if my LYS will take the yarn back?

I made a shawl one time with the chenille, but only because that was what the pattern suggested. I used very large needles and it was a lacy pattern, so it wasn’t too bad. However, I wasn’t thrilled with the results, and the yarn was not fun to work with, so I probably won’t use it again.

I love CP cotton chenille - but I have to knit it with my Denise needles, does not do well with Options or Addis. Not sure I’d make a hat with it, I use it mostly for face cloths (very soft and washes well).