Do you have a kids argyle vest pattern?

Want to do an argyle pattern vest for a sz. 10 little girl. Saw some a long time ago that used duplicate stitch for the thin contrasting lines and a different color knit for diamond shapes. I could handle that. Will probably use a sport weight yarn and I don’t want to have to resize etc. Anybody?

The only one I could find was for preschoolers. If you know the repeat you could probably apply it to a sweater of the proper size though. :shrug:

oh i found a fair few pre schooler size, i wanted larger and was getting annoyed tehy were all too small lol

i dont have time right now but i will dig throgh my patterns to find the once i printed to get the url’s for you. i’m sure i found 5/6 of them.

one was the one you have just been given though.
i’d have probably got them fro mravelry tbh though, have a look on there there are some great sleevless toddler jumpers on there