Do you have a favourite stitch dictionary?

I’m looking to buy a good quality stitch dictionary that I can use for the rest of my life. What do you think is my best option? Which ones do you recommend and which ones should I avoid? Thanks!

Barbara Walker’s [I]Treasuries[/I] are, in my opinion, the only ones you’ll ever need. I have all 4, but 1 and 2 are perfect for everything you could possibly want to make.

I have wanted to purchase the Barbara Walker books (1-4). Mainly I am interested in stitch patterns for lace. Would 1 & 2 still be all I need? I wish I could page through them to see if they are what I am looking for. :nails:

If you are into cables, I highly recommend Cables Untangled. I have used it for patterns and the great dictionary in the back.

Stitches come in dictionaries? I thought you had to actually [I]knit[/I] them. :zombie:

Funnily enough Mulderknitter, I HAVE [U]Cables Untangled[/U]! I’m actually knitting the reversible scarf from it right now. It does have a great dictionary in the back, but I’m looking for more of a stitch dictionary with more than cables (although I LOVE cables!).

If you want stitch dictionaries with a fantastic spread of knit/purl combinations, cables, lace, lots more, than Barbara Walker’s first and secont [I]Treasuries[/I] are what you need.

I’m hoping to get a nice stitch dictionary for Hanukkah this year…I’ve added the Barbara Walker treasuries to my Kaboodle…think DH will notice?

You also might try Stitchionary Vols. 1-3 and the Encyclopedia of Knitting.

I love the Vogue Stitchionary 1-3. More on an aesthetic level though. Really great pictures and colors and clear, basic, easy to follow instructions.
There’s almost zero commentary, narrative, or side notes, which I think is the biggest fault of the series, but, their beauty and organization easily make up for it.
Another thing I like about the books is that they use the same weight yarn for each swatch and it is well photographed in full color. It gives you a very vivid idea on how your pattern will turn out.
The Stitchionaries are useful as stitch dictionaries but they also make great coffee table books. I think even non-knitters can appreciate them. :slight_smile:

The first book contains basic to advanced patterns consisting of knits and purls (and a few YOs). Ribbing, lace, chevron, herringbone, etc.
The second book focuses on cables.
The third focuses on colors.

That’s why I prefer Barbar Walker’s to Stitchionary. Barbara gives lots of commentary at the beginning of each chapter, and information about the stithes within.

Isn’t there a set of 3 Harmony guides coming out soon - Knit and Purl (250stitches),cables and aran (250 stitches)and lace and eyelet (250). KnittingDaily is sponsoring themI think.

Another vote for Barbara Walker- I have 1 and 2. Sometimes I just look at them for fun.

I have the first Stitchionary and love it. I like that the swatches are all the same weight and color (although different shades) - it makes me choose the pattern I want rather than a yarn or color to draw me in.

I used to have a really good stitch-dictionary, but I lost it (I do that a lot). But I remember bringing it to school and everyone just pouring over all of the pretty pictures. Lots of “oooh, that’s a pretty design” and “look at that! They are making pictures without using color! That’s so cool!”. It was really amusing, because those people didn’t even knit. Just another way that knitting is awesome :slight_smile:

I love the 3 Stitchionaries and the 365 Knitting Stitches page-a-day calendar.

Gee Knitgal - I was just coming on to post this very question!

I am torn between the Vogue and Barbara Walker sets and will be interested in all the responses to your question :slight_smile: