Do You Have A Favorite Knitting Book To Recommend?

I don’t have any knitting books, except for the one with the dog sweaters I made [Sweaters 1 & 2 here] & [#3 (Feb. KAL in Fair Isle) here].

There are SO many books out there, what do you recommend for an advanced beginner? Something hopefully with lots of great pictures and patterns too!!!

Personally, the book that I use ALL the time is called “Teach yourself virtually knitting design” Because it has EVERYTHING. It has some actual patterns, but most of the book is blank master pattern and how to be creative with it and make a creation thats very much your own. I think that if you’re always fiddling with patterns, this book is a MUST HAVE!!

But…talking patterns only books? Cables untangled. I love cables and lace because I’m bored very easily (Recently I finished the wild stripes baby blanket from knitty…I could only work on it while watching movies so I could forget about how bored I was with stockinette over and over) And cables untangled has some beautiful, intricate patterns, as well as many stitch designs that you can use in anything else! I lovee it.

the knitter’s book of finishing techniques by nancie wiseman is really great and small enough to take with you.

but no patterns…

and I love weekend knitting, but it would depend on your taste.

I have a few “helpfully” book, But find myself grabbing my “Teach yourself Visually knitting and crocheting”

It has REAL pictures in it. Very easy to use.

I have around 30 knitting books (I just love buying books). My faves are Teach Yourself Visually Knitting, The Knitters Bible and The Knitters Bible Knitted Accessories.

I love The Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann! It’s fun to knit from or just to read. This is the type of book that makes you want to just sit and have a cup of coffee with the author. Mason-Dixon Knitting is also a fun one.