Do you have a ball winder?

I have a ball winder and a homemade swift. I would love to get a yard meter too.

I have a ballwinder, but I don’t rewind skeins unless I am splitting it to make a pair of socks.

I want a swift because I have some yarn a friend game me that is kind of smelly and I’d like to wash it first. I wrapped my own hank using my computer chair, but I had a hard time winding it after washing. I’d also like to see if regular Red Heart Super Saver is softer to knit with after a good wash with fabric softener. :teehee:

My best friend said buying the $37 swift from Schoolhouse Press would be cheaper than making one, if you count the time spent as part of the cost. I’ll probably end up with that one eventually.

I recently purchased my winder from and used one of the 50% off coupons so it was only $25, and I really love it. I got kind crazy with the winding. I find it really fun, am I silly? eh, oh well, nice pretty balls…I really don’t need a swift yet, but I want one especially if I keep getting the fancy indie sock yarns that all come in skeins/hanks.

I don’t have either and so far I haven’t had the need for them. I don’t buy yarn over the internet (I’m a must touch-feel-see kind of person) and I’ve never been to a yarn store that didn’t wind it for me any way I like :shrug:

I have both. I use the winder all the time, but have never used the swift. Somehow ever since I got the swift, all the yarn I’ve bought has come as a skein. Before that it seemed all my yarn came in hanks. Figures!

I went a little overboard and try to do more that what was “physically possible” and ended up get my yarn stuck in the gears. ~sigh~ i only lost about a yard or yarn though. :wink:

why would you need a swift if u don’t have a ball winder? :??

I don’t rewind yarn if it’s in a skein or a ball. Only if it’s in a hank. And I have never managed to unwind a hank without tangling it.

Actually, I would probably wind up paying loads of money for a swift, manage to tangle the yarn while I was winding it, and get mad and never use it again. :rofl:

I actually don’t really like center pull balls all that much, and I don’t mind hand winding balls, so I’ll just hope for a swift.

I have a winder and a vintage “travel” swift. I bought them both on ebay. The winder for about 20 dollars, the swift for about 2 dollars. (I got lucky, I guess.)

Here’s a video of me using both of them to wind some Malabrigo.
(I go slowly at first, then it builds up some speed just before I stop to turn off the camera.)

I don’t have one and I’m very [color=green][size=6]JEALOUS[/size][/color] of the 32% of you who have a winder and a swift. One day soon I’ll have my winder and swift. I must, I must have them. :gah: :teehee:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

well, as far as yes’s and no’s go, its almost a 50-50 spilt. at least you have 45% as company (for now at least :teehee:)

lol! when i first read this all i thought of was my dad sitting in his chair balling all my moms yarn! he was very good at it and a great sport about it.

Oh, yes! My husband is the best yarn holder in the world! He is SUCH a great sport about it! It brings me to tears to think how lovely he is about it. He tells me how proud he is of me, how much he likes my projects, what colors he wants in his sweater wink wink etc. He is very supportive.

I would never trade my ball winder for anything on earth! :heart:


I just got mine about a week ago. I never knew there was such a gadget until I was in my LYS and saw it in action.

I was fortunate enough to catch it on sale as Joann’s for %50 off. I cannot believe how much I have used it already. In fact, I have completely rewound brand new skeins, just to use the center pull!

I love my ball winder, though with Big skeins, I generally split it into smaller balls. Though I would like to get a yardage meter, purely from the fact that when I knit socks and still have (I think) enough left over to make more, I would rather know for sure. And the other reason is I’ll buy almost anything, as long as I know what it does.

Note to self:

That’s the next knitting gadget to look for xxx

Yes, I have both, but only because I spin.


I recently got a ball winder as a gift, and though I want a swift, I use an idea I saw on the internet: a lamp. I remove the knob at the top of the shade, place the hank around the shade, attach to the winder and begin to wind. I found as I am nearing the end of the hank, it becomes wide enough to slip off the shade: I place a hand as a guide (like a u-shape) to hold the hank out a little and keep winding. And yes, I unplug the lamp first! :teehee:

I would love to do this. But we have one stand lamp with a glass bowl that faces up, one super skinny lamp shade, a small square lamp shade, and two that go straight up and down. And that’s it. :teehee:

Phaedra, very inventive! :teehee:

hmm, a lamp…that may come it handy in the future!