Do you have a ball winder?

I just got mine, and i really like it, but i was just wondering, do most knitters have one of these and it didn’t know it? :?? I remember when i first saw people on this forum talking about ball winders i laughed at them. i was like “they’ll spend their money on anything won’t they?” then i saw the how lovely the center-pull balls turn out. u can guess from there i suppose :teehee:

Oh and another question also: when u have those huge 400 yd skeins, do u usually wind on big ball out of it, or do u wind it into 2-4 smaller balls instead?

i don’t have one, but i want one. anyone got a spare they wanna give me? :shrug: :teehee:

I have a ball winder, and I love it. I do not have a swift, and don’t need one, but I still want one. I don’t need one because I discovered that I have a round laundry basket that most of my hanks fit around of perfectly (when the basket is upside down). I just set the basket on the floor upside down near my ball winder, put my hank around it, and wind my yarn.

I have both, AND a yard meter… all of which are necessities when you spin your own yarns. :smiley:

Oh, and I’ll wind as much as physically possible into one ball before I’ll cut the yarn.

Yup, I just got my ball winder too! I love it. I’m thinking the next time I’m home, I’ll talk my dad into making one of those do-it-yourself swifts online. :teehee:

I am lucky enough to have a ball winder and a swift, and I LOVE them both. My stash it now so much more organized and junk :cheering:

By the way, we will spend our money on anything knitting related. But you are one of us now, so you spend your money on anything knitting related too :thumbsup: Welcome!

I don’t have one. I do kind of want one, but up until now I just only buy balls of yarn and nothing bigger so I don’t have to wind them myself. As for spinning my own… I don’t. I live in NZ, so I suppose I don’t really have to… we have so many sheep farms around that anybody can go and do it for me much cheaper and better than I can do it myself.

And I’ve made a pact with myself not to buy any more yarn at all until I’ve used up the stash I already have… so I won’t need one for a while. LOL

No, but I want a swift!

No, but my mom has one and I am coveting it!

I just ordered one over the weekend and am anxiously awaiting it.

Nah, I wind by hand.

I have a ball winder and a swift. I really didn’t think I needed either. I got the winder first from JoAnn’s and was disappointed because the arm wouldn’t stay locked in position and I should have sent it back right then but hate doing that and did get it 50% off. One yr. later-----I took the thing apart, tweaked it and seems to stay in the lock position better.

The swift , I added this right after Xmas and love. But, check prices before buying–I bought mine at a LYS for around $65. Now I see them a lot of places a lot less expensive–say around $35. :verysad:

So the moral to this story–shop before you buy!!

have a swift from my MOST lovely middle daughter (for christmas, as the only thing I asked for) and a THUMB

hear me roar
wind (CP Balls of course)

I wind by hand, but it sure is a PAIN IN THE BUTT. I really want a ball winder. Some day I will get one. I have pets, you know, and they like “making biscuits” and chewing on my yarn.

I just got my ballwinder and I love it!!! I rewind yarn just so I can play with it.

The Oregon Woodworker I just got my new Royal ball winder from here.The cheapest price I have seen.This Royal is GREAT. :happydance: The last ball winder I had broke :!!!: This yarn arm stays locked in and it doesn’t wiggle around when I attach it to the table.I would recommend the Royal if you are looking to buy a ball winder.I had my hubby make me a swifter :cheering: I rewind all my skeins of yarn because the center pulls are always screwed up :wall: :!!!:

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I have both.

I really want an electric winder. DH tried to motorize mine last year and I ended up with a pile of plastic :help: (I got a new one though).

I don’t have either and don’t plan to buy either. When I’m not as busy with work, I’m definitely going to make myself a swift, and maybe a ball winder too.

I got mine about 2 months ago, but haven’t used them yet - believe it or not!

I got mine about 2 months ago, but haven’t used them yet - believe it or not!