Do you have a 3 yr. old? I need your help, please

:smiley: I would like to ask a favor :smiley:
I want to make some socks for my 3 yr. old granddaughter (using scrap sock yarn :wink: ), but she is 100’s of miles away & I need foot measurements. Could someone please measure the length of the foot & the foot circumference (around the ball of the foot) for me, please? Thanks a million :smiley: , Allysa will be 3 in July & I have no idea of the size of the foot of a 3 yr. old since my baby will soon be 21 :wink: !!

Hi Becka! :waving:

I have an almost 3 year old, and a 4.5 year old.

3yr old measurements…length = 6.5", circumference = 6.5"
4.5yr old measurements…length = 7.5", circumference = 6.5"

Hope this helps!

(PS - by circumference around ball of foot, do you mean just before the toes, at the widest part?? having a brain freeze moment :blush: )

When is Allysa’s birthday? My Owen will be 3 on July 15th so they are VERY close in age! :smiley:

Thanks! Allysa’s bday is July 26th :smiley: We haven’t seen her in so long, she’s grown so much!!! If I could get my step-daughter to measure her I would knit more for her, but she’s busy, busy with work & school, etc. So I decided that I would just do some socks :smiley: They will be easy with left over yarn, too :wink:

My youngest dd Laura will be 3 the last week of July. She is right about the 50th % for both height and weight for her age, so pretty average. I just measured her foot and it is just about 6" long and 6" around and she wears about a size 6 1/2 shoe. HTH!

P.S. I just noticed your last post and Laura’s bday is also July 26th!! LOL

Thanks…LOL, small world…what wonderful July babies :cheering: :cheering:

Knitqueen, I have a 3 and 4.5 year old too. My daughter is 3 and born 10/4 and my son is 4.5 and born 5/3. Their feet are very similar in size to your kids. :slight_smile:

And if all else fails you could try tube socks. No heel. Make them a tad long and she can wear them for a couple of years!

:smiley: I’ve knit her tube socks before & will do some more this time around, but I’ve got SO MUCH

I’ve knit her tube socks in the past & will this time around…but I’ve now got SO MUCH sock yarn leftover that I want to do a couple of regular socks, too…maybe with fun fur on the cuff :smiley:

I have a niece who turns 3 on July 18. I’d measure her feet but she’s on the tall side so I’m sure her feet are a bit larger than average. :sunny: