Do you grill rotisserie?

I have a fairly new Charmglow grill with a rotisserie, but have never used it, and do not even know how to rotisserie. I know how to turn the burner on, that’s about it. :teehee:

Anyone have a recipe or tips and instructions for a whole chicken rotisserie? I’d love to cook one for dinner tonight! :heart:

I love to use my rotisserie – in fact, I have 2 – a Baby George as well as one on my grill. Anyways, here is my favorite basic chicken recipe (from my Grandma)

Grandma’s Rotisserie Chicken
1 tsp salt
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp dried thyme
2 tsp paprika
1-2 tsp black pepper

Mix together, rub all over and rotisserize :slight_smile:

Here’s another one with a Mediterranean flair

1 Tbsp Olive oil
2 Lemons, juice from
1 Tbsp Herb de Provence
Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix together, rub all over and rotisserize. I like to serve this with lemony grilled potatoes or rice, asparagus (grilled, yummy too) and a greekish salad.

Here’s one I haven’t done yet, but wrote down to try

Moroccan Chicken

1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 of a whole lemon
1/2 of a clove of garlic

– rub above all over chicken

Mix spices and rub:

2 tsp sea salt
2 tsp sweet paprika
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp black pepper

Don’t for get to season inside the cavity as well! And take out the neck and giblets – I accidentally left them in once – yikes

I also love to do pork lions on the rotisserie too. You can find already marinaded ones in the grocery store in all sorts of flavors (honey mustard, teriyaki, lemon garlic). When these (and whole chickens) are on sale, I always grab a few so that I have a few on hand in the freezer.

Also, there are some easy recipes around for making stuff with shredded rotisserie chicken – chicken salad, chicken enchiladas, etc.

Didn’t mean to write a book :slight_smile: Now I’m hungry too :slight_smile:

WE have a nice big grill with rotissery. My dh is the one that uses it. He has learned how to cook things to perfection on it. His specialty is ribs. The secret is to read up on how to use it and be patient.

We have one on our grill. I think my husband is afraid of it, the grill is off limits to me so I don’t mess with it.
My neighbor though, my gosh that man can cook a wicked piece of meat on his. I’ll ask him all about it next time I see him and get back to you.

Well plans have changed, we’re going out for dinner tonight (yeah, we’re kinda spontaneous like that!) But I have this whole chicken that needs to be cooked tomorrow. Thanks for the recipes and advice! I will use them tomorrow! :slight_smile:

OK, I got a response from my neighbor. He gave no recipes but there’s been some good ones posted already. Here’s the gist.

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]The chicken cooks in about 1-1 1/4 hrs depending on size and grill. But use a thermometer to check internal temp (thigh area). Use only the [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]rotisserie [/SIZE][/FONT]burner. I usually take a drip pan and put it under the chicken to avoid flash ups. This means (on my grill) I take out the rack. And of course tie the birds legs and wings back. Now that sounded kinky. But it keeps them from flopping.[/SIZE][/FONT]

This is our favorite rub:
[li]4 teaspoons salt[/li][li]2 teaspoons paprika[/li][li]1 teaspoon onion powder[/li][li]1 teaspoon dried thyme[/li][li]1 teaspoon white pepper[/li][li]1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper[/li][li]1/2 teaspoon black pepper[/li][*]1/2 teaspoon garlic powder[/ul]We usually make 10x that amount and keep in a big shaker jar in the cupboard. It’s awesome for rotisserie chicken (we have a baby George) but it’s also good for roast chicken made in the oven – especially if you bake it for a long time at a low temp. No basting required at all, and it falls right off the bone. :thumbsup:

Thanks Stitchwitch! That’s just what I needed!!

And thanks for the recipes… I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow evening! :slight_smile:

Oooo I forgot to tell you all that my chicken turned out wonderfully. We liked it so much I rotisserie’d another one tonight. I think I might like rotisserie chicken better than roasted now!

I won’t suggest a recipe for a rub as tastes vary widely, but a good rub is the key to any good rotisserie roasted cooking.

I have a few recipes that I think are good, some vegetarian, some not, but a good rub is key to them all.

Keep the heat low, and allow plenty of time for a good ‘low and slow’ cook. It can’t be beat.

I’ve never had a rotisserie before, but I hear that chicken tastes really good, are they the same thing? :slight_smile:

i made rotisserie chicken last night for dinner. but mine is a countertop model, not on a grill. i see lots of good rub recipes here, but honestly, i buy the mccormick (or similar brand) rotisserie chicken blend and it’s delish!

whispers That’s what I used too. :thumbsup: I was going to make my own, but saw that and figured I’d give it a try. Loved it.

Sometimes a plain salt and pepper rub is really good. I use it fairly often and combined with indirect heat produces a very good result.

I usually have the coals at the ends of the grill so they aren’t directly under the meat, and close the lid over it so it traps in the heat. This is a slower cooking process but produces an extremely tender end result. It’s a combination of smoking and rotisserie.