Do you get yarn as a gift?

Or any other knitting related stuff? Every birthday and other holiday, people continually buy me crap that I could care less about and the thing I want most (YARN, HELLOOOO!!!) nobody gets for me. I mean I knit ALL THE TIME, in fornt of them, in the car, at the dinner table, everywhere!!! Can’t these people get it???

My :inlove: husband buys me yarn, books and all sorts of knitting things! When we were in Charleston in Aug for his bday, he saw me admire some SWTC Phoenix yarn and he grabbed all that they had (5 skeins) and got it for me without my realizing it! I am making a very nice reversible cable scarf for him with it…least I can do, he sneaks gifts for me on HIS bday!! He picked up both Knitting on the Edge and Knitting Over the Edge for me just recently bc he knew I liked them…he surprises me with anything from Silly Putty to jewelry all of the time and knitting things are right in there!! I have a very special :inlove: husband!! The owner of my fave LYS tells me he’s one of a kind, that in her 30 yrs of being in the knitting business she’s never seen a husband do the kind of things that he does for me :smiley: …yep, I am very, very lucky :wink:

my husband wants to get me something knitting related but is afraid to buy “the wrong thing”. maybe your friends and family are the same way. while I understand his way of thinking but at the same time I think he’s seen me w/ yarn enough times to formulate a pretty educated decision on what to buy! many LYSes have gift certifs, which I don’t know if he knows about. I’ll take one of those please :heart::drooling:! I’m trying to hint that to him…

well i am sure my mother would if i had the patience to wait for bdays or holidays before getting it. i was going to have her get me a set of Boyes for my birthday but i found them at a way better price than she ever could on ebay (and she won’t shop online) so i bought them myself. sadly she will likely get a gift certificate for the yarn store near her house. it is a nice store but their selection is still pretty limited. sigh

oh well it is a good opportunity to go shopping with momma! :thumbsup:

funny u should mention this. my dh asked me saturday what i wanted for my birthday in Nov… at first i said that i didn’t know… then i thought YARN!!! he rolled his eyes at me :rollseyes: and called me a dork! i’m like i’m for real!
gift certificates are the best. that way i don’t have to be stuck with somthing you think i want and i can get what i like!!!

I have, but only when I’ve asked specifically. I got sock yarn from my sister for my birthday :happydance: and a knitting book from dh for my birthday :happydance: . Granted, he got me the WRONG book and I returned it and got the one that I had told him all along I wanted, but he tried! :wink:

People who are non-knitters don’t really have a clue and would probably be intimidated by walking into a yarn shop or even the yarn aisle at Wal-Mart just because there’s so much, and what do you buy??? Little do they know a knitter would probably appreciate just about anything, but sometimes they need it spelled out!

I have requested gift certificates from KnitPicks, etc from my kids, of whom have no ‘knitting clue’ but the answer I get is…I want you to be surprised by what I give you, which is very fine :wink:
I have my sweet husband that knows exactly what I want! Of course, he is very observant and I do write things in a notebook by the computer as I see them & where I see things for the best price bc I can remember NOTHING! And he’s sneaked a few peeks at that and ordered for me before I’ve had a chance and when we are out shopping and I say “Oh, I love that” to this and that, he remembers and will go back and get things that we’ve seen.
As a matter of fact, he just came in with my yummy Karaoke yarn!!! But I ordered it and had it shipped to his place of business, he just brought it to me bc it just came in!! (He’s so sweet!) So, after I finish this Dulaan scarf, hat, wrist warmers & possible socks I can do a yummy, beautiful clapotis with this delicious Karaoke yarn…had to share…it’s beeeautiful :cheering: :cheering:

I got two Knitpicks gift certificates for my birthday…and the beauty of it was that I didn’t even ask for them! My friends and family just know:smiley:

I did set up an Amazon wish list, and I add knitting books to it regularly. Our family is big into lists for birthdays and Christmas…in October everyone starts calling around looking for your list. I got 4 great knitting books for my birthday too. :smiley:

People who are non-knitters don’t really have a clue and would probably be intimidated by walking into a yarn shop or even the yarn aisle at Wal-Mart just because there’s so much, and what do you buy???

Okay, that is my DH!!! You’d think I was asking him to buy feminine products (just lookin’ out for those guy knitters who don’t want to hear certain words) when I sent him to Wal-Mart for yarn for a reversible baby hat. But he sucked it up and went anyway. But only after I spelled it out for him c l e a r l y. I said, okay, just get one thing (he refers to everything as a “thing”…“skein” would have totally thrown him off) of white baby yarn and one thing of pink baby yarn. Clear enough, right? Well, wonderful as he was to go get it, he returned with two completely different brands, so one yarn was way thinner than the other. :doh: Oh well, he tried. And I never mentioned his mishap. I guess I’ll just be making my own yarn trips when I want something specific.

I’m in agreement here. If most of your gift-giving friends and family are on the web, this is the perfect time to start online wishlists that you can hand out links to. Some websites even let you e-mail them out right from the wishlist.

This one is for everyone…don’t be afraid to take your man by the hand (or email) and show him exactly what you want. Rebecca’s husband is a gem, but not all of us are so lucky! Men need to know exactly what you want, where to get it, and how much it is. Of course we want our husbands/boyfriends to remember the conversation from 2 weeks ago when we went on and on about that lovely yarn you saw at LYS and how you’d die to have it, but unless the yarn had boobs…forget it!

forget all that just give me certificates!! :happydance:

What ya need to do, Femmy, is have that sonski of your start droppin hints! Print up a list of online & local yarn resources for gift certificates, and/or knitting books, etc., that you want, and PAY him if you have to to drop hints EVERYWHERE!

I love getting gift certificates (or cash, lol) for xmas. If they were LYS or OYS specific, even better!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

SO that’s it I just gotta put boobs on everything!!

It could certainly help!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

SO that’s it I just gotta put boobs on everything!![/quote]

Or, include them in gift giving conversations in some, um… :?? …manner ;)…doesn’t hurt!
Joking aside, write a very specific and very long list of things that you like and where they can be found, online…where, in LYS…where in the store…BE VERY SPECIFIC!!

omg…and kelly didn’t even have to bring the boobs up herself this time! sheeeeesh :rollseyes:

Im gonna be out of a job soon irf THAT continues!! :shock:

What a great idea, Rebecca! I never knew you had such modern ideas. I polled a friend about your idea:

domiKNITrix. says:
so, say tenley had a birthday/christmas wish list that she wanted you to remember
domiKNITrix. says:
if she wrote it on her boobs, and showed 'em to you, would you remember the list?
Catalyst says:

Looks like we have a winner!

:roflhard: :roflhard: well my list wouldn’t fit on mine so that wouldn’t work… I could barely get YARN wrote out…

anyways yeppers my :heart: mom :heart: does all the time she surprises me with boxes of yarn LOL or when I go in she says look what I found not sure why I had it but here you take it with you I won’t use it… LOL only thing is when she gets the things I can’t normally get I hate to use them instead I just look at them and pet them… :rollseyes:

I’d be afraid what dh would think I meant so he doesn’t get me yarn he says go get ya some though LOL