Do you ever get a sense of loss?

When you complete a project that’s not for you? :teehee: Well I just finished one sock so I have another to make they are for my hubby but I want them. He pitched a fit because I made my dad some so I had to make him some but it was MY yarn!!! They are big but they’re just so darn cute I’d wear the one today if I could. It matches MY outfit. I guess I can sneak them when he’s not wearing them.

Sure, you can and hey, he can’t wear them everyday! It’s in that very fine print on the marriage license… I swear it is, get a magnifier and look for yourself! :teehee:

I have had the same problem but in my case the sweater was for my son and too small for me to steal on occasion. Nothing is sacred if it fits me, I can wear it, my son understands that and so does my husband since the day he started dating me.(his closet is my closet.)So share the socks, it’s only fair that you put in your time and effort.

I get very emotionally attached to my knitting. I’ve knit very few things for myself so I’m constantly giving away my knitted items to others. Often it is hard to watch it leave! I wonder if the knitted item is truly appreciated and worry if it will be taken care of properly; hand washed in cold water with special gentle soap and air-dried on a special mesh drying rack.

Is it wrong to ask for visitation rights?

I feel your pain.:waah: I give most of what I knit away. But I always slip the band, which comes on the yarn, in with the gift so the washing instructions are right there. So no excuse to abuse the poor yarn. And so far everyone loves what I have made for them.:woot::knitting:

Yeah everyone like it as gifts it seems. I just started knitting this summer and so far I’ve made me a pair of socks that I’ve walked holes in and a poncho. Everything else I’ve pretty much given away mostly socks.

I don’t usually have the problem because—ahem—I usually make stuff for myself… So much safer that way, emotionally…

I was just thinking about this the other day, but in a slightly different way…I get emotionally attached to my knitting, and whether its for me or someone else, I feel a loss when the project is finished. When the whole project is complete and there is absolutely nothing else to do on it, I’m a bit sad. It won’t be on my needles anymore, it won’t be needing me anymore lol.
Is this crazy or what? lol

I like making stuff for other people. It seems with me I am sad when anything is done whether it is for me or someone else, I mean I want to finish it but when I am on those last couple of rows I get sad.

Monetarily speaking yes. Especially when you buy the wrong item (yarn needle etc) or quit a project because it is too hard. And when you spend so much time on a project and it comes out very well and you want it for yourself, but you know that project would just take too long.

Make another pair exactly the same! Until then, share the socks