Do you ever few overwhelmed

… by the amount of options (yarns, patterns, etc…) we have available nowdays?

I’m stuck in a project for a week, but I’m pretty much knitting only purses I already know because I never know what to do next…

So I have a bunch of yarn, which most colors are not enough to make a bit project, but I have no idea in what to use it…

Also, DH gave me for Mother’s day a “imaginary” gift certificate, so I could get book, yarn, etc… and I have no idea what to get. I want to get everything…I feel lost… :lol:

Does it ever happent to you? How to you choose your projects and buy yarn?

I just get anything I fancy and then worry about what to knit later. Or I just knit for hours on end to try and get through as many projects as possible as I can’t make up my mind. :XX: :lol:

What I’ve been doing with those odds and ends and yarns that I wouldn’t use for me is to make charity sweaters for kids.
Knit for Kids

I actually made a huge magic ball and it’s been fun to see how the colors come out. One of them was with leftover pinks and multis and the other is with blues. I’ll when I’m done. It uses up my stash, I’m having fun, and I’m doing something nice for kids around the world. There are other charities that also take sweaters and other stuff that’s fun to make.

I know just what you mean. I’ve been buying some wonderful yarns but then afterwards have NO idea what to knit them into! I love having a yarn “collection” but I also want to produce things with the yarn!! lol

I ordered some Noro yarn to knit a handbag that is in the Simply Noro book. I saw that bag on display at a yarn shop and just loved how it looked. I’ts actually a bag I can knit and USE for every day.

Then I have other beauiful yarns but still not sure what they will ever 'become". lol :XX: :XX:

I have the hardest time knowing what to start next. I’ve always been horrible at making decisions!

I like having books with smaller projects in them
Fingerless gloves use 2/3 of a skein pretty well
and my Mom Knits Gnomes, so smaller balles go to her for them
and my Goddesses use a small amount of yarn, but I prefer more natural loose Spun fibers for them
and changing colors

All.The.Time. I just want to quit my job, drop out of school and runaway to a farm of sheep and alapacas and just knit knit knit all day. :drooling:

Do you ever catch yourself so excited to start a new knitting project then after you start you catch yourself losing interest in it and have to force yourself to be focused on it and NOT look for the NEXt thing you plan to knit?? :rollseyes:

I have noticed I’m like this is a lot of things that I do. I also quilt. But I haven’t done much quilting since I picked up my knitting needles. But thats okay since I’ve been a quilter for a lot longer then I’ve been knitting. I need all the knitting experience I can get!! :XX: :XX:

But I have to make myself concentrate on what I was so excited about knitting and see it thru. I don’t want to have a lot of UFO’s sitting around. I’m afraid of what that “means” about me to keep losing interest and have to find the next thing to start. Anyone else go thru this?

I think most of us do, which is why most of us have more than one project going. I often start something, get to a place where I’ve finished a section of it and then start something new. When I go back to the first project, it seems new again. I’ve switched back and forth between projects in one evening just for the variety.