Do You Ever Feel

completely retarded? Like there is so much going on that everyone just automagically gets but you don’t? That’s the way I am feeling about knitting with more than one color right now.

I’m doing the Tiptoe Through the Tulip socks and my heel just doesn’t look all nice and neat. Stranded is… not making sense to me. I keep thinking it will look better after it’s washed and the fibers sort themselves out. I keep telling myself that it’s the new glasses and everything was bound to look worse after not seeing clearly for so long. I spent an hour reading a book trying to convince myself that evil, yarn hating gnomes had invaded my work area and wrought havok upon all of my projects.

I’m sleepy. I’m going to go to sleep and keep telling myself that those socks are going to look fabulous in the morning. Yeah, fabulous.

Frequently! Just “finished” a sweater that gave that exact feeling, and no, a good night’s sleep didn’t help - it’s still ugly.

Hope yours works out much better.

Frequently! Just “finished” a sweater that gave that exact feeling, and no, a good night’s sleep didn’t help - it’s still ugly.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I needed that belly laugh this morning!! ty!!

I laugh cuz many of my projects are like that.

Angela: Stranded work will come second nature to ya…eventually
The color work screams out to you and says YOU KNOW you want me!! and you cant resist and you give in…so hang in there! You cant get away from the voices in your yarn!!


Evidently a night’s non-sleep thanks to a snorfling husband with allergies and a puppy missing his daddy, did not help matters. It’s the strands on the WS, you know how you have to twist them… it’s chaos back there and I just want to frog the heel flap and do it over again, but I’ve already cut the strands for weaving in.

There needs to be a process so that it doesn’t look so incredibly messy.

The color work I’ve done, I’ve used the Philosophers method of weaving. Here is the link if you haven’t already seen it.

That would be a great technique if I grabbed my yarn, but I never got the hang of that so I throw and need both hands to control my work. Since I’m doing this back and forth it’s the purling that is getting me. I guess I just need to mess with it and see what I can suss out.

This is how i strand…

I love this video, I am still trying to get my tensions even. sigh

I have been frustrated for ages too cause one woman I know keeps telling me that I HAVE to strand, even after we have viewed the video many times over. This is my everest!!

Thanks for the video. I’d never seen it before.

I like the look of multicolored work. The tension is always challenging but gets better with practice. I do much better on straight needles vs circulars.

The thing I hate the most is that the balls of yarn tangle. Especially if more than two colors are involved. If I work it across one way & back the other without turning, I can cut down of tangles. And I’m always looking at the right side. So I miscount the pattern less often.


This :wink:

[color="#330099"]Your question made me think of that old Pantene comercial.

Don’t hate me because my stranding is beautiful. :wink:

I though I’d only done stranding in the round and not back and forth. I guess I was thinking you were doing intarsia (instead of carrying the color along) just because it was a heal flap and not in the round. Then I remember that red and white thing I made. (Image above).

  1. You may notice the red showing through the white and the puckering from uneven tension. :think:

  2. I also worked the even numbered rows from left to right (knitting back) instead of turning and purling back. I used my left hand and I ended up twisting the stitches. :shrug:

  3. It is one sided and acrylic. It is too thin for a pot holder or a hot pad. It is really quite useless. :doh:

  4. Stockinette wanted to curl, so I edged it with single crochet. That wasn’t enough so I steam ironed it and melted it a bit too. :roll:


Well, it was less frustrating to get back to this project while in the midst of my computer woes than deal with my computer, and I got the heel turned (did a Dutch Heel just for giggles) and it looks much better now that A) I’ve got the new glasses and B) the heel is stretched out from working the gusset as it’s supposed to be.

All in all I am in a much better frame of mind than I was. :slight_smile: