Do you ever block a half finished project to see if it will fit you?

I am working on a lovely sweater pattern and I have made a mistake somewhere (I don’t know where or how), but I don’t have the correct stitch count and I think I could fudge it and keep going. But I would need to see if the sweater fits me before proceeding. Right now, it’s so rolled up that I can’t really tell if it will fit me. I really want to just block it and try it on! Do you think I could do this? Or would it totally mess me up even more? What do you all do?

I’ve sometimes slipped the live sts to waste yarn and tried the partially knit sweater on. You can get a good idea of the size even without blocking. That way you avoid any possible problem.
The sweater looks lovely so far. What is the name of the pattern?

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I try on hats, socks, and even blankets before they are done. Why not a sweater?

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I haven’t knitted any large garments yet myself, but if it were me I’d try it on without blocking. It might be an idea to make a small swatch using that yarn and pattern, if you can and/or haven’t done so already, and block that. Then you might have a better idea of what blocking will do to your jumper when you’re finished, and won’t have the worry of the rest of your knitting not matching!

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I usually do patterns that I know will fit me. But every once in a while I use a different yarn. I am a bad girl and don’t do a swatch. I rip it out and redo it. Depending on my mood, if it’s really bad I will chuck it across the room into the garbage can and start over. That depends on how expensive the yarn is, how frustrated I am, and how guilty I feel for being wasteful. Hey, at least I’m honest. Lol


Thanks everyone for answering my question! Just getting to this now…

salmonmac - this is the pattern. It is pretty, isn’t it? <3

So, it sounds like no one has ever tried blocking a half-finished project… Hmm… Maybe I should be the first one to try it! :wink:


Elegant! I love it and look forward to seeing your finished sweater.

I dare you to be the first, sarahpeller! Do it for knitting science XD
That sweater is really nice, I hope everything works out!

I did end up blocking this to see if it fits and it worked!

poe sweater


You’re not the only one! My mum taught me to knit and she’s never done a swatch so neither have I! :grin:

Nice work and I love that colour. :blush: