Do you create your own business cards?

Hi! I want to make a business card. I guess it’s easy but I was wondering if anyone has created their own and what you thinks looks good… I went to Staples and they want $17 for their cards but my dh said he has some really lovely thick stock and he’ll cut them for me (coz he didn’t want to spend the $17). So I’ll play around with that for a bit and see if it works.

I’ve made some using Microsoft Publisher but I’m sure there are other programs and probably online templates you could use. The advantage is you get exactly what you want and don’t have to settle for less. Plus, it’s fun!

Thanks lel… I’ll check that out!

Check out VistaPrint. They frequently have free sales and all you pay is shipping. Plus, they have pens, notepads, t-shirts, etc. that are also free. If you’d like, I can forward you an email.


If you have MS Word, under Forms, choose a business card format, and it will automatically format the page for you. If you’re using Publisher, it’s just as easy. I have done it before, then took the design on white paper down to Kinkos and had them print and cut. It’s not easy to get a clean cut on business cards by hand. If they’re not perfectly straight, they look unprofessional (IMO). You can get punch-out printable business cards at any office supply store, but it’d probably cost more than $17.

Hi there! :waving: I’ve looked into it but I didn’t actually print any cards yet. :oops: Since I don’t need many and I want to be able to change the design, printing my own is better for me. I got punch-out business cards and it was about 7$ for 100 cards (10 cards per sheet). I can use them directly in my printer and the template is in MSWord. :thumbsup:

I make business cards for my piano teaching business all the time. They are not “professional” per se, but they work just fine.

I buy the perforated paper, and fold it about 10 times before I tear them apart. It makes them come apart with a nice edge.

Vistaprint, thanks Kelly I’ll check that out.

Yup, I thought it might be hard to get a really straight cut by yourself but my DH said to let him try before laying the $ out. Soooo I guess I will. I don’t need terribly professional ha like I’m Wall Street or something, just interesting… for knitting. I recently sold my first two hats and am going to keep doing that, and also making a website for visitors to NY and EATING. So it’s just a fun card.

I appreciate that tip about folding them a lot Shandeh, so they’ll come apart nicer. If I do go that route I’ll be sure to do it. Thanks again all!