Do you always knit with a recipient in mind?

How do most of you plan your projects, or do you plan them?

Though I do knit specific items as intended gifts for specific people, I find most of the time I just start looking at patterns to get ideas of what to knit next by what strikes my fancy. :thinking:

Yes … ME :teehee: :teehee:

I knit both ways. Sometimes I do have a person in mind and other times I don’t. Whatever keeps me knitting is fine with me. lol :happydance:

I always knit with someone in mind and it’s rarely me…:frowning:

so far I have.
but sometimes it changes in the middle of the project…
and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. those are usually the ones for me.
I am trying to knit myself a sweater now, but of course it’s really thwarting me this time.

almost never…though lately i guess i have more. i really just knit because i like the process and like seeing the pattern take shape. once it is done and someone tells me they want “it” (whatever it is) it usually is theirs. I think i GENERALLY pretend it is going to be mine until it is finished…then i lose interest…lol

Not usually since I mostly knit for charity. :shrug: :teehee:

This is how I knit probably 85% of the time! :teehee:

I always have someone in mind when I start, but it usually changes a few times while I’m knitting. I have to be careful not to tell someone I’m working on something for them 'cause then I’m locked in!

Yep and usually its a gift for someone, dh, or the kids… I don’t usually get to keep my FO… or when I do if someone mentions it to me then I end up with it… I am working on a pair of socks that I plan to keep for myself… :teehee:

same here :shrug:

Usually I do, yes, which keeps me motivated to finish. If I’m making something just for me, or for no one in particular, it always gets tossed aside.

Sometimes I have a specific person in mind but most times it comes to me as I"m knitting. Like the felted bag I made that had no owner and then I got invited to a friend’s birthday party and I knew the bag was for her.

Often I knit for myself or my dd. My ds won’t wear sweaters but I am making him a pair of socks that he can’t wait to wear.


Most of the time, my FO’s go to me… :teehee: However, lately I’ve really gotten hooked on lace knitting even though I’m not a lacy kind of girl. I’m currently knitting a shawl, and I have no idea who it’s for. I’m just knitting it because the yarn is pretty and I like the pattern. I guess when it’s done, I’ll figure out who to give it to. :??

Yep, me. Every time I knit for someone else, it’s not as much fun.

I usually knit for myself. When I knit for someone else, I always know who’s going to get the knitted item.

So far I’ve knit only two projects for myself and didn’t like either.

Another project was for me, but because of my error, it ended up fitting my mother instead. (I’m 6 ft tall, she’s 5’ 3" tall)

Other wise, always with a purpose/person in mind. But… that is going to change. I have decided that I want to control my knitting!

Most things I knit are gifts, and sometimes the gifts change recipients in the middle, then I plan a new gift for the original recipient! :smiley:

The ones I’m working on now are too late for Christmas, so I’m going to tell them: “My mom said I had to use up some of this yarn before I could buy any more.”

I’m doing both this year. Last year I knit only for Christmas gifts. Scarves, scarves, scarves. This year I’ve finished 2 Ruanas for myself and I’m just starting to get the hang of socks so I think I’ll be knitting those for gifts this year.

Most times I just start knitting… right now I am making boocoos of hats~! everytime I make one someone else saw that I made one for person A and now person B wants a hat~!! :wall: SOOOoo I just knit most times…
When I first started (last year :eyebrow: ) I made scarves for people that I wanted to give something to~ Now I just knit~!