Do you always knit the parts in order as written

in a pattern, or do you prefer to do them a different order? Such as the pattern lists back, left front, right front, then sleeves. Could you start with the sleeves first if you wanted to get them done and over with? :wink:

All the time, I never follow the order. I have a hard time following patterns anyways, I always change something up! :wink:

I always to the sleeves first! It gets them out of the way, since its a real bummer for me to just have the sleeves left to do. It also gets me used to any pattern stitches and gives me an accurate gauge measure since I’m not a big fan of swatching with yarns I’ve used before.

Like Ingrid, I prefer sleeves first to catch any problems in gauge and such while knitting shorter rows.

I like to knit dolls and toys. I tend to knit up several bodies at once, and then several groups of arms etc. Then I have zip locks of body parts (sounds gruesome) waiting to be assembled when I get a few moments or I’m on hold on the phone. I find a phone headset an indespensible knitting accessory :wink:

Mama Bear

Right now I tend to follow the pattern pretty closely, but in reality I don’t see how it could possibly be a problem as long as you keep track of where you are.

Unless the order is critical {piece two is started off of piece one for example}, I rarely follow the order. I tend to do sleeves as guage swatches, so those are first. I also will change patterns to be done in the round, or as one large piece, so the order doesn’t really apply!