Do you always have to wrap after a turn?

I’m working a pattern and I’ve come to the neck shaping. It says patt 16 sts, work 2 tog, then turn and work this side first. So when i turn do i follow with a wrap? if not then how do i get the wool on the other needle once i turn? I’m really stuck and haven’t managed to move past this point. PLease help!!

If you have to knit across and then knit the last two stitches together, then turn the work, it should be on the right side to purl back the other way. If it’s not because of the stitch pattern, just bring it forward or back to where you need it to be. There’s no need to wrap with this kind of turn because you eliminate any hole by working the two stitches together.

Am I understanding your question correctly?

You must be. That’s what I understood from it.

I guess i never thought it was that simple!
I’m doing the neck line now, when i dec 1 sts at theneck edge ive been knt 2 tog in the knit sts and purl 2 tog on the purl sts. Its looking quite messy, any tips on how to make it consistent? Also how do i unravel a ribbing similar thats shown in the video in the advanced techniques section with the needle in place? Am i making sense here…? its just that the neck line now looks quite untidy…

Is it just the neckline edge itself? If so and you pick up and knit a band, a lot of the uneveness will be covered up.


but if i knit a band do i then need to make the neck hole a little bigger? If so how do i then calculate how many sts to dec so on so forth?
Thanks very much!!

What does the pattern say to do? It’s okay to read ahead…


well it says:
patt 16 sts, work 2 tog, turn and work this side first
keeping patt correct, dec 1 sts at neck edge on next 7 rows, cont straight untill front matches backto start of shoulder shaping
shape shoulder cast off 3 sts at beg of next and foll alt row
work 1 row
cast off rem 4 sts and centre 12 sts, rejoin yarn to rem sts work 2 tog pat to end reverse shapings to match other side.
join seams

My neck edge is quite messy as the pattern is based on a ribbing so i have dec knit wise on the knit rows and purl wise on the purl rows, is this correct or should i have done it all the same? Also joining the shoulder seams are quite difficult and don’t look even, even though i cast off in knit all the way accross. I think knitting up a band is a good idea but i’m afraid the neck hole might then be too small…
What should i do?

ok, so I’ve decided to knit up a border on the neck edge. Now when i pick up stitches do i do them seperately? like if i do 27 down each side of the neck and 12 on the front, do i do them seprately then join them up or put them all on one needle and knit them up together? If i knit them up together do i include the back stitches too?
If i do put them all on one needle how do i make it shape to the neck when i stitch up the sides and shoulder?
If i knit up the picked up stitches seperately then how do i join a rib k1 p1 so it is seamless?

Thanks for all your help so far! I wouldn’t know what to do with out this website!! :muah:

You don’t pick up stitches for the neck until you have all the pieces seamed together. Putting them on a circular needle is far the easiest way to do this and make the 1x1 ribbing. How is the neckline shaped - just a regular one or V or…?

Well the pattern is a round neck, but is it totaly impossible to knit up a V neck on to it?
Circular needle, great idea as i want as few seams as possible. I haven’t yet mastered the art of stitching up seams!
Thank you very much!!

A V neck would require completely different shaping instructions. Those in the pattern are for crew neck and I don’t think you want to attempt changing them just yet…