Do you also crochet?

I’m just curious. I don’t know how to crochet but just this morning taught myself how to do a crochet seam as a border on a toddler scarf I’m making. It’s so easy! I have no idea how that compares to real crocheting.

Crochet doesn’t seem to be as popular or as “hip” as knitting does. Why is that?

If you do both of them, which do you prefer? Which do you find easier? Faster?

I’m just wondering if it would be worth it to try to learn. A knitting friend of mine said it’s great to know how to crochet afghans b/c it’s a very fast way of doing it.

Like I can afford another obsession…


I started knitting in Feb, 2005 and :heart: it.

I want to learn to crochet but I have WAY TOO MANY knitting projects planned. Someday I’ll learn though.

Sorry double post :crying:

I knit and I crochet.
It is quite easy to crochet, so someday you should try it! :smiley:

I knit and crochet, but I prefer knitting. I prefer the look of knitted items. I do like to crochet baby blanket/afghan type items though instead of knitting them because of how fast it is. But for everything else, it’s knitting all the way. How about afghan crochet - it’s kinda like doing both!

I learned to crochet last fall, before I learned how to knit. I guess that over all I like knitting better, but I only know how to make hats with crochet. However, I’ve found that crochetting is much faster than knitting.

I think it’s easier to learn than knitting.

I used to do both, years ago. I never was as pleased with the look and feel of crocheted fabric as with knit. I really don’t have the desire to crochet anything again. It does come in handy for borders and such, though.

I have been crocheting for 10 years. I have been knitting for about 6 months. I like crochet for the speed and I really like many of the patterns. I also like that many patterns are so repetative that I can do it without looking…I can read or watch TV while crocheting! :cheering:

But I learned to knit because the end result is actually a fabric. And you can get greater detail with knitting, if you don’t mind it taking longer. :XX:

I still crochet afghans and scarves for friends as gifts or to sell since I can do it quickly. Knitting is something I will do for ME. :wink:

My mom showed me a few years ago my afghan still looks like a looonnnggg scarf… I like knitting better on Roo’s poncho I guessed my way through dc cause I only did sc… Not sure if its right I was on the phone with mom and she would say ok now with this in this hand and that in the other hand you… LOL :smiley:

I crochet too…

Crochet works up faster, but I tend to get pains in my hands faster from it too… :smiley:

I like both of them, and would use each in different situations, or if I was after a particular look.


I love to crochet. I knit and crochet, but crochet is where my heart is. Often I find myself reaching for a hook even when I’ve got my needles in hand, because there are so many things that I find knitting to be insufficient for. I’m sure that there’s ways to do them, but being new to knitting I don’t know them. So instead I just use my hooks. I even invented a crochet bind-off recently, because I couldn’t find a bind off of any kind that I liked.

I knit because it has a better drape than crochet, and frankly all the crocheted sweaters I’ve seen are hideous. Stitches and yarns that I find entrancing anywhere else become an ugly mess in sweaters to me. However, I’m finding a SEVERE lack of projects with good fit in knit as well! So, I’ve just decided I’ll have to design my own and bone up on the construction and shaping of knitted garments.

I also crochet, but it has to be a really awesome crochet pattern to tear me away from knitting. :wink:

my mom does the most beautiful crochet I’ve ever seen- but she is left handed, and I was never able to learn from her. I did try crochet on my own, and it was okay, although I probably didn’t give it a long enough try. I found that I really prefer knitting- something about it that I find soothing… :heart:

I learned to crochet way befor I learned to knit, cause my mum couldn’t remember how to knit and like to crocheted more(eventhough she never made anything when I was younger).

I never crocheted more than a few doll clothes and scarves. Now, that I knit I feel like I understand crocheting more, you know. Like where to insert the hook and how to keep away from adding stitches.

At the moment I’m filet crocheting a tablecloth, but it’s quite boring in my opinion. Once you get the hang of it it’s just full and empty squares. But the end result will look great so I keep going(will also be a gift for my mum).

My mum is crocheting a blanket out of a gazillion(her word :lol: ) squares. And for her it is faster than knitting, but than she’s a pretty slow knitter.

I would love to learn how to crochet…only because I know it’d be real handy for edges and baby blankets. Any chance Amy will get a couple crochet vids here soon? :smiley:

I can crochet, but generally chose not to. I like that it’s fairly easy and if your hook falls out and things start to unravel, it doesn’t much matter. On the other hand, knitting is my passion. I love the way knitted objects look and how happy I feel when I knit. The same is not true when I crochet.

I crocheted but always longed to learn how to knit and I like knitting better. My SIL was a real snob for her daughter I made a hat and sweater and took a class to make sure it was perfect, she it turned out knits and didnt like it because it was crocheted. Heres the kicker, turns out she knows how to make one knitted sweater pattern only and she must have made a dozen for the baby but couldnt make anything else or even make it larger, so her knitting days were over the first year lol.

:doh: I always feel irked when I hear stories about people being snobby towards crochet.

A co-worker taught me how to crochet an afghan many years ago and because I had to wait for her to show me how to finish it, it would probably win Ripley’s Believe It Or Not for the Largest Afghan in history because I just kept on crocheting away :roflhard:

My Mom has possession of it and I CANNOT for the life of me remember HOW I did it…but sure wish I could remember! I can do a chain stitch now…would like to re-learn since there are so many patterns I like that have some crochet edges, but have been too busy trying to figure out this knitting addiction :happydance: I’ll get around to it eventually…would be very helpful to have videos to refer to like these on our favorite website :wink:


I used to crochet ALOT, but now it hurts my hands. :frowning: