Do What?!

This is from a pattern for one of the squares in an afghan I am currently working on. It is from a vintage book circa 1940’s or '50’s:

CO 32 sts. 1st Row: K4, !insert right needle, from back to front, between 1st and 2nd st on left needle, K the 2nd st, then K the first st and drop both sts from left needle, repeat between *'s twice, then K3; repeat from ! twice, K also the last st. All Even Rows: K1, P30, K1. 3rd Row: K5, repeat between *'s in first row, 3 times in succession; ! K3, repeat between *'s in first row, 3 times in succession; repeat from ! once; K the last 3 sts. 5th Row: K1; repeat between *'s in first row once; ! K3, repeat between *'s in first row, 3 times in succession; repeat from ! twice; K the last 2 sts.

It goes on more, but basically, you are supposed to wind up with 3 groups of three vertical zigzag lines overlaying stockinette which has been distorted to a wavy effect from forming the zigzags. I can’t get past Row 1 with “insert needle . . .” Can you?

What you’re doing there is a left twist, where you knit the second stitch from the point in the back loop and then the first stitch, crossing them in the process.

Thank you, Ingrid, you brilliant, brilliant woman! This was exactly the right answer! I have to do two squares of each pattern, and I do them in pairs. This pair is now 10 rows to the good. I have even “zagged” using a right twist (which I had done before on another project). Imagine the answer I needed coming from my hometown no less!! My parents still live there. I will be home to visit in October and would love to buy you a cup of coffee, tea or whatever if you can tear yourself away from knitting, crossword puzzles and books. (We even share the same vices–I mean hobbies!)

Thank you again!

Pleasant Valley!!!

PM me with your parents’ names. Maybe I know them! Maybe I know you! And by all means get in touch when you come to town!

Yep just answered this on “General Knitting” The pattern I am working on today is called “Falling Leaves” and it is from a Afghan/Dishcloth book… I love this forum :muah: :muah: :muah: