Do we need Knitters Anonymous?

I got a good laugh reading the most recent post by Habit Guy, who blogs ( about habits and habit change. He wrote a fictional account of a KnitAnon meeting for spouses of knitters. Got me wondering what a knitters anonymous meeting might look like. Hmmm… I can’t imagine attending any sort of meeting without my needles. :wink:

Habit Guy’s point is a good one. As much as we joke about being “addicted” to knitting, knitting is not an addiction but rather a habit. Habit Guy talks about replacing bad habits with good ones. Maybe more people will take up knitting in an effort to replace some of their bad habits.

It’s good to know thtat knitting can be a good habit! I took up knitting when I got pregnant to keep myself from smoking! On bad habit gone, one good habit in! I continue to knit to keep myself from eating all the time!


I think it’s been decided hat KA meetings wouldn’t work because everyone would bring their latest projects. We’d all go home and sneak on line and order the yarns we fell in love with. :teehee:

I hear ya! I wonder if KnitAnon would work to keep our spouses off our backs about our yarn purchases!

The meetings would get them out of the house so we could hide our new yarn purchases and knit to our hearts’ content, anyway!:rofl:

Oh, so I’m not the only one who hides yarn, smuggles said yarn into the house, and distributes it about the house in “stashlets” in order to lessen it’s overall effect?:teehee:

A while back, someone said that we should smuggle yarn into the house in huge Maxipad boxes. THEY wouldn’t get searched. :teehee:

That would be ALOT of maxipads!!

:think:[FONT=Book Antiqua]maybe we do have a problem …[/FONT]

:roflhard: My husband JUST asked me the other day if there was a support group for the family of an “addicted knitter”. That is SO funny you guys are talking about that now.

Oh, and threesmom… Your comment TOTALLY cracked me up!

You’ll have to show Habit Guy’s blog to your hubby! I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it too!

I would only go to the meetings if they would teach me how to buy and store yarn without DH finding out about it. And have yarn and needle swaps, so I can see and play with yarn that I cannot find near me. :roflhard:

Oh, my bad, I thought KnitAnon would be a great thing. Not sure I want to lose my habit.

I definitely think it would turn into a huge knitting group.
“My name’s Ann and I have a huge knitting problem”

HA! I took out my a bin with some of my stash in it to show my mom when she visited the other day and my DBF was shocked. He said he didn’t know I had that much yarn and that I never need to buy any ever again…NOT very fair if I do say so myself! Plus a lot of it was dishcloth cotton which I hoard for emergencies…dishcloth emergencies…

Keep in mind that Knit Anon (as Habit Guy presented it) is a support group for spouses. I didn’t ever suggest that Knitters Anonymous (or KA) would be a good idea! :stuck_out_tongue: Getting a bunch of knitters into the same room is a recipe for stash and project building!

Maybe Habit Guy is on to something. Wouldn’t it be great to arrange a get together of spouses of knitters to occupy them while we go out to knit night! It would definitely keep them out of trouble!

No need for Knitters Anonymous… but could we start a drop of centre for family members and such so that we could just get on with knitting?

Knitting and yarn buying ARE addictive and not just a habit. I know there’s been a few times where I’ve paid less on a bill than I should just to get some yarn that I probably won’t knit with in the next year. But, gee it was fun!!

Knitgal: Thank you. :notworthy:I know what I’m gonna say now to the question “Where you going? Didn’t you just buy some yarn?”

[B][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]“I’m sorry I can’t talk now, this is a dishcloth emergency!”[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

Oh yeah, I zapped that link over immediately! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: He’s been out running errands with the kiddos today so hasn’t seen it yet, but I’m sure he’ll find it TOO FUNNY and frighteningly too close to home. HA!

but could we start a drop of centre for family members and such so that we could just get on with knitting?

Wouldn’t that be wonderful!:yay:

And who are they to complain? How much does your SO pay on his or her projects? My husband is a Civil War Re-enactor, [I]both sides,[/I] talk about an expensive hobby! I love the man, but I do believe that $ for a yarn project is better spent than $$$ his books and equipment cost. Sigh, at least he’s not out in bars and such. Actually, he is supportive of anything I want to do, that’s why we’ve been together for as long as we have.

SO I just received an email response from the hubby regarding his thoughts after having read the blog about KnitAnon… Here was was he wrote.

“Where is this community center and when should I show up?”


I use that, too. When yet another box of yarn arrives and I see a :??, I mention the 3, count’em 3, rechargeable electric drills, and various and sundry other tools lounging in the basement, dusty an unused. I, however, knit [I]every [/I]day.

I certainly don’t need more yarn, though. :teehee: I tell him it’s my therapy. :shrug: