Do two Sport a Worsted Make?


I have a pattern that i’m really interested in making and it takes two different colored yarn. It’s a scarf and i want it to be kinda on the non-thin side and warm, which means that it calls for worsted weight yarn. That’s no problem… One yarn that i like is worsted weight - sorted.

HOWEVER, the problem lies in the second color. I really love this gorgeous heathery color, but it only comes in Sport Weight… :thinking:

So, i was wondering if i could double up on the sport weight yarn and have it stand in for worsted weight yarn number 2?

Has anyone ever done something like this?


Generally, dk or sport is about half of worsted. I’ve doubled dk, but gauge wasn’t an issue, so I don’t know exactly how it compared. I’m sure with some needle adjustment, if necessary, you can do it with the two strands.

I’m doing something like this with my Skacel ad sweater. I couldn’t find a colour of the Sirdar Denim Bulky that I liked, so I’ve doubled up with the Denim Chunky… actually I like the colour better this way! Anyway, it took some work with gauge swatches, but I finally got my tension to where it was comparable enough with the pattern. That problem was probably more to do with me, than the yarn though. For something like a scarf however, gauge usually isn’t an issue. I would simply compare working iwht the single strand WW with the doubled SW.

I do this all the time. Just need to play with needles size.