Do they mean dishcloth cotton?

[B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#2724cc]Zig-Zag Eyelet Throw
[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][I]Designed by Melissa Leapman[/I]
[B]Experience Level[/B]
Advanced Beginner
[B]Finished Size[/B]
Approximately 40 x 50 inches
[li]Elmore-Pisgah [U][COLOR=#0066cc]Peaches & Creme[/COLOR][/U] 100 percent cotton yarn (2 1/2 oz per ball): 17 balls [/li][*]I am understand re the cotton that she wants us to knit this with the cotton I knit dishcloths with…is this correct?..thank you…[/ul]


The regular dishcloth cotton, wow…that is why it is 17 balls. Do you foresee any problems using this cotton, should I use something else?

It’s really up to you. I’ve found that ‘dishcloth’ cotton can be very soft and nice to the touch. I think that dishcloths feel stiff because they often air dry.

I made a baby blanket with it and it was very soft.

It should be fine. It knits up nice and soft (not mooshy, just smooth and nice against the skin). A little heavy, maybe, but that’s a nice, cozy feeling in an afghan. Some shades of Peaches ‘n’ Creme fade after washing, so you’ll want to treat the afghan more gently than you do a dishcloth. Pin it into a pillowcase to keep it from getting distorted, wash in in warm water and dry it on low or mediuim. Then give it a couple of minutes of cool air to fluff it up and remove any wrinkles.

If you are at all unsure, try a swatch first and see how you like the feel of the knitted fabric.

BTW, Elmore-Pisgah sells P&C in large cones which will probably save you money over the price of 17 individual balls. You can order from their Web site,

Can’t you get SnC on cones too? Though they’re usually beige neutral or speckled, not the colors.

I’ve seen Sugar & Cream on cones in Joanns but only in Ecru or White. There was also a Christmas Ombre but I’m not sure if that was Sugar & Cream or Lion Kitchen Cotton.

I don’t know if I’d make an afghan out of Peaches n’ Creme. I look for warmer yarns here in the North East but I can see that it might be nice for the warmer climates. There’s that fading issue too. Maybe a cotton blend like LB Cotton Ease? That’s a pretty pattern. :thumbsup:

What is a cotton blend like [I][B][COLOR=blue]LB Cotton Ease[/COLOR][/B][/I]…I am limited with yarns as not much selection. Thank you for all the advice I am getting. Very very helpful before I buy anything and yes, I don’t want it fading or going out of shape after washing.

Lion brand Cotton Ease, it’s a blend of cotton and acrylic and very nice.

I just Googled S&C and they do have a few other colors on cones.
But nothing like the huge selection on the Elmore-Pisgah site.

I knitted a small blanket using cascade luna and it looks better after all the washes it has gone through. It is also much softer. Cotton may fade a little so you may want to choose softer colors that will fade well. It may be tiring to knit something larger than a dishcloth in cotton as it has little give. You will get used to it though. On a personal note I prefer to knit blankets with all natural fiber. Less of a fire hazard as natural fibers will not melt.