Do these sleeve instructions seem odd?

I am making a child’s drop sleeve pull-over sweater in a size 6. The front and back are both 69 stitches across. The sleeves at the wrist start out at 37 stitches and once you pass the cuffs you are to increase every 4 rows until you end with 72 stitches and then you are to work even.

Is it just me or does that seem awfully wide for the sleeves to end up? It is wider than the body of the sweater is across! Anyone encounter a pattern like this where the sleeves turn out so wide at the top? Seems most adult sweaters I have seen there is not nearly so much increasing between the wrist and the shoulder.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

eta - while we are on it, these sleeves also call for you to increase 5 stitches evenly across on the last row of the ribbing of the cuffs. I did this and it looks OK but isn’t THAT a little odd, too? Anyone else work a sweater where they have you increase while still in the ribbing? What is the best way to do this? I just knit into the front and back of 5 of the knit stitches. (I am using a different method for the increases in the rest of the sleeve)

Many patterns have you increase in the last row of ribbing, though most people do it on the first stockinette row. That does seem large for the sleeve tops; what’s gauge supposed to be. if you don’t want them that big, do a few less increases.

Well I posted this last night while my son was sleeping. This morning I took the body of the sweater and wrapped it around his upper arm to see if it really would come out really big and baggy and I think it will be just fine. I guess kid’s sweater just have weird proportions compared to adult sweater?

At any rate glad to see it looked weird to at least one other person. :slight_smile:

Gauge is 20 stitches = 4" btw.

Can’t wait till I am done with this sweater so I can stop asking dumb questions about it. I think you are the one who answered me about the 3 needle bind-off at the shoulders - I followed your advice there and did a great job. :slight_smile: Now I am on the sleeves and then there will be be sewing of seams and then I will be DONE, woo hoo!