Do sts stretch on the needle

…when they are on too long. I am working on two things right now. I don’t like to do that but I was working on a sweater and then I got an invite to a baby shower. So now I am making a layette set and the sweater is just sitting on the needles. How long does it take before they get out of shape? :??

[color=indigo]The sts shouldn’t stretch if they are laying down and not hanging. :teehee: If you are really worried, thread a piece of yarn on a yarn needle and transfer the sts to the yarn removing needles until you begin working on the project again.[/color]

If you leave stitches on a needle for a long time, that row might stretch, but a lifeline is a good idea. Either that, or take out that one row if you’re concerned.

What do you consider a long time?

I would think months, at least. I’ve put knitting down for weeks and didn’t notice any difference.