Do not understand!

I am making a hat on circular needles and did ok until I got to this:

Rnd 6: With B, * k5, yf, sl 1 purlwise, yb, rep from * around.

Rnds 7 – 11: With B, * k5, yo, sl next st and all previous yo’s purlwise, yb, rep from * around. Note: This results with a yo directly on top of each sl st.

Rnd 12: With A, k all sts, knitting all yo’s together with corresponding slipped sts.

Row 6 was okay, but I seem to be increasing 1 stitch in the pattern in each row. Then in 12, do I knit them all together at once. I like the finished product but not sure if I’ll ever get there.

You would be increasing on rounds 7-11 with a YO every 5 sts or so. The decs would be on round 12, but I wonder if your also supposed to do that on rounds 8 and 10 as well? What’s the pattern, or do you have a link to it or a picture?

I was browsing to find help and located your question. I’m trying to do the exact same hat and having the same problem.
For anyone who can provide explanations, here is the website and instructions.