DO Needles produce like rabbits?

I organized my needles today. I know… no big deal… but how the heck did I end up with so many needles of the same size? Do they produce while being stored?

I tried to be careful while buying them… but they just seemed to multiply…

Some sizes I have 4 or 5…

Am I the only one this happens to?


You are not alone!

I recently made myself a chart for circulars and DPNs (rarely use straights). It is the size a business card. I laminated the card BEFORE marking anything. Then I used a hole punch to mark which sizes I have. As I buy a new size, I just punch that one off the chart. I tied it to the handle of my knitting bag with a piece of yarn.


I KNOW that I have 5 Clover (!) size 8, 16" circular needles. I can’t find any of them. I think they hide when they know I need them.:think:

Or perhaps it’s a sign that I need to actually finish a few projects.:teehee:

At night, I hear my needles making plans for escape.

I thought it was those plastic bags from the grocery store that reproduce like rabits. I haven’t had any problems with my knitting needles (yet).

Not only do they reproduce like rabbits, but they nest like rats! My needle drawer is a tangle of cables, crochet hooks and needle packages. I swear I always return them to their proper envelope :oo:, but somehow they are all helter skelter in there.

I also made a chart on Excel that I carry in my wallet. It’s about the size of a 3x5 card - I like the idea of business card size, though!!

I am very sad to report that there is NO reproduction going on in my Options case.


lol My needles used to reproduce at a ridiculous rate, but they were all crappy acrylic and plastic and yuck…
Since having the Options, they’ve haven’t reproduced at all! I have had to get some dpns and a size 15 circular, but I just don’t need duplicates! And I may just have to give my needles away to a good cause, because they’re just sitting there and irritating me :violin:


I have yet to get the options… I have Denise’s and love them… but… I do hear the siren song of the option… * must wear ear plugs…lol

:zombie:Get Options, you know you want to.:zombie:

Aww I wish mine would multiply. I think they’re sterile and going extinct. We moved a little over a month ago and I seem to only have one out of every pair of needles.

lissalue you are an enabler, lol soo not fair,


you know as soon as you buy some more needles you’ll find the mates to all the ones you need except the one you really liked… I swear everytime I move something stays lost till I don’t need it again or I move…:eyes: