Do knitting needles and airbags create a danger?

As we were cruising down the interestate at about 65mph toward Dallas yesterday (dh driving, me knitting), I had a sudden mental image of what might happen if we wrecked and my airbag deployed. :shock: I didn’t have to worry long, as traffic all but stopped soon after that, and we spent the next hour alternating between being stopped and moving at 10mph. :mad:

My ds’s response was that it’s pretty much a given that it’s not safe, considering the near simulated “explosion” which takes place when an airbag deploys.

Since that thought, though, I’ve not been able to get the idea out of my head. Just how safe, or unsafe, is it to knit if you have an airbag? :??

hmmm…well at the very least no metal needles in the car??? Interesting thought.

And there I sat, clicking away with my metal 14" number 10’s. :help:

AAAGGGGHHHHH! That is a little scary! maybe some nice flexible plastic fragile needles are in order for your next :XX: purchase. :slight_smile: Maybe circs would be better since the needles are much shorter and the cord can’t impale you!

Maybe circs would be better since the needles are much shorter and the cord can’t impale you!

Yup, that’s what I’m thinking. Either that or sit in the back where there are no airbags, and let dh chauffer me around.

Home, James! :rofling:

For some reason when you said that, I got a mental image of a woman knitting in the pope-mobile. It would probably be safe to do it in there!

eh…while i rarely get a chance to RIDE and knit (yeah i knit and drive…well sit at stoplights and knit actually) i wouldn’t think the chance that the airbags could go off would deter me from doing it too much. Can’t help but thinking that if it is s’pose to happen it will happen so i might as well be knittin’ when it does! :smiley:

Yeah, but what if I don’t “go”, but just get blinded by a needle in the eye or something. I’d hate to no longer be able to knit. :shock:

lol…well i spose that could be an issue but couldn’t that happen when ya get knittin’ like crazy anyway!!! :lol:

I don’t get how everyone can knit in the vehicle. I would get sooooo car sick. I can’t read, or play one of those little hand held games or anything as a passenger. I’m so bad I can’t even tolerate sitting in the backseat of a vehicle.

I get really car sick as well. But I can knit as long as the pattern isn’t very complicated and I don’t have to read a pattern. You know the mindless knitting you can almost do by feel without looking.

I dont think it would be unsafe at all…you dont hold your knitting needles with the tips pointing AT you when you are knitting…they are horizontal to your body, no? the only thing that I can imagine happening would be squished hands & knitting.

lol…well that’s what i was thinking but i figger i prolly knit funky so what do i know…i can see rupturing the airbag but by that point it should have already done its job anyway! :thinking:

That is what I was thinking… unless you had those suckers aimed straight at your heart I don’t see a fatality happening.

Last year I went on a long trip and had the same thought. I was using number 1 straights. I figured that if they somehow ended up in my body, I’d really have to chuckle about it at some point because of the absurdity. If I died, well, I went out doing what I love to do!

This whole senario IS pretty unlikely, but with the force of an airpag who knows what they would do. Enough force might make the non-pointy end dangerous. :shock:

Though I did have concerns, and seriously could see the possilibity of danger in the situation, I did knit on the return trip home; at least until it got too dark to see what I was doing. I have simply GOT to buy a headlamp before our next trip! :x:

you goin’ for that spelunker look that is all the rage this season?

:smiley: You are fire today, bj!

well of course cuz i am saving all my working brain cells to post on here! heaven knows i am not getting any work done! :rollseyes: