Do knitpro and knitter's pride interchangeable needles work with the same cables?

Hi, I recently started knitting again and am trying to stock up on some different larger sized needles I need for upcoming projects. I found these really cheap knitpro “trends” needles online that have decent reviews but everything else I own is knitter’s pride. I thought that cables are pretty universal (I really only knit in the round) but I’m not sure if that’s actually true. Anyone have any experience with this so I don’t throw away money? Thanks!

Knit Pro and Knitter’s Pride are the same needles, different brand names. Knitter’s Pride is sold in America and maybe elsewhere. So yes they should be totally interchangeable. I love my Knitter’s Pride needles, I have multiple interchangeable sets and the really big ones sold in separate sets too. You should check to see if the seller is an authorized dealer. If not the warranty might not apply and if you have a problem you’re in trouble.

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