Do I want to take a dip?

Can anyone tell me what “pooling” is? Is it a good thing? Do I want to jump in? I know it’s got something to do with varigated yarn and the way the colors show up - yes?

I think its when the colors come together in large patches rather than more evenly spaced varigated. I’ve mostly heard the term used negatively, but I guess it could be fine in the right project.

I think when pooling is done deliberately it’s called “stacking.” :smiley: I’ve seen patterns for bags that explain how to stack the colors of multi-colored yarns so you can end up with vertical, wavy stripes.


The explanation that I’ve heard is that when you are using varigated yarn, you want to alternate between different skeins, to prevent pooling. Like Kemp said, large patches of colors, rather than a nice varigated pattern. I didn’t know about this when I knitted my first sweater, and the back of it is a perfect example.

Thanks, all. I get it now … I just never thought about how the colors would line up so regimentally (is that a word?) - but I guess that makes sense if it’s machine dyed.

What would I do without all of you!? :heart: