Do I understand right? Patt problem

Hi, right now I am in progress of knitting sweater (my first), I do sleeve now. But it seems I understood something wrong.
The pattern says:

Cast on 40 sts with A using 3 1/2 dpns. Join in a circle and k 4 rnds. CHange to B and k 1 rnd. Work k2, p2 rib for 5 rnds. Change to 4 1/2 mm dpns and work in St st patt from chart 1. Cont with A inc 1 st after first st and 1 st before last st of rnd, then in every 7th rnd up sleeve, total 12 times => 68 sts…

My problem is, that I have 64 sts after this process, which kinda makes sense - total 12 times adding 2 sts = 24. And I start with 40 = 64 in total. So my question is: did I misunderstood something? I need those 68 sts in the end, is it okay to add them in last lines (i.e. 1 rnd + 2 sts, 1 rnd normal, 1 rnd + 2 sts, 1 rnd normal - done)? Any advice? :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Start with 40
Inc 2 sts per round every 7th round x12= 24

Based on what you have written I get the same thing. Even if it was ‘inc 2sts per round 12 more times’ for a total of 13 inc rows that would be 40+26=66, not 68.

Seems you’ll have to decide if 64sts is large enough. If not, do two more inc rounds to get to the 68 sts as written.

Well, it is large enough indeed, but I need those 68, becouse after joining to the body there is a pattern (typical Icelandic), and If I will have different count of stitches, it might not match to it… Or I dont know, since this is my first sweater and my second project in total, my experiences say nothing …

Can you link to the pattern? If not, what is it called and where did you get it? Someone might have it. If it’s a free pattern online we can look at it.

Good idea GrumpyGramma :wink:
It is this one:
it is not free, hopefuly someone has it.

Have you checked for corrections? You can determine the repeat of the yoke pattern and work out the stitch count for the sleeves - can you just do one less repeat, or maybe you need to add the stitches in by doing the increases more frequently. I can see that having the correct number of stitches will be important. That’s a good looking sweater.

So, my understanding after seeing the picture but not having the pattern is…
Body is worked bottom-up. Sleeves are worked cuff-up. All is attached and you proceed to the yoke. (Correct?)

To stay in pattern on the yoke you will likely need to work in those extra increases to get 68stst per sleeve.
Unless, the yoke pattern happens to be multiples of 8 and missing the 8 sts (4 from each sleeve) would allow you to work the yoke pattern anyway.

Actually I didn’t I bought this pattern in the shop, not online. I just found this online stuff later.

Yes you are correctt.

Actually the pattern seems to be repeating every 8 stitches, but I am not sure how is it with dec’s if I leave one decrease out, would it be visible / problem?

Also, since I am discussing this with you. I don’t use classic continental knit, I use combined knit, in the link, there are several advices for dec’s. My question is, what could possibly be the best? Repositioning + k2tog? Or just k2tog as I am used to? Or Sl1, k1, psso, k1 ? Any experiences on that? :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I would add in the extra increases just as you suggest on the last few rounds so that you have 68sts to join for the yoke. One other possibility is that somewhere in chart 1 there’s an indication for 4 increases ("…work in St st patt from chart 1")? Sometimes after the rib there’s an increase round before the sleeve shaping.
Very good looking sweater pattern. Good luck and enjoy kniting it!

hi salmonmac,
thank you for the advice, I think I will try it and if it seems not to be fine, I will unknit it and try the patt with 8 less stitches in total…

…in chart one, there are no inc’s.