Do I sense a "dispute" within this Forum?

I offered a shawl thru the Charity Section of KHF…I (unintentionally) mentioned a book in return… I was pretty much humiliated by one of the other members… I thought the “mods” were watching what goes on here… I am an adult who likes this forum, not someone looking to get something for nothing…:rollseyes::rollseyes:

I saw the post you are referring to and in fact responded myself. Here’s what I said:

Maybe you misunderstand the point of charity knitting. It’s to donate your time, and the project which includes shipping to someone less fortunate. Generally these projects go to groups that have absolutely no way of trading anything. I believe that is what Sandy was saying.

To respond to this post the answer is YES, we do watch what is going on in the forums. No one intended to humiliate you and I’m sorry you took it that way. I think she was just confused. :hug:

I’m sorry you felt humliated Cheley - I do hope that you will stick around the boards since this is such a wonderful community. There are lots of other charity projects to particiate in and I hope one of them will work for you. :hug:

I just went and had a look at the thread. Cheley, you clarified your position by saying you thought a book as a trade could cover your postage. I guess my thought would have been…“who” would have been paying for the book if all people were essentially giving to a charity? I believe it was assumed you had misunderstood the intention and attempts were made to inform you. Perhaps at the end there was a slight bit of mutual tension but I think one can understand how that arose.

If you have a lovely shawl you would care to give don’t hold it back based on a misunderstanding - the group will embrace the item and your ‘giving’. If however this was a particularly precious item then perhaps you may wish to keep it, make a shawl yourself and donate that.

You are right…the shawl is “precious” and that was my “good” intention (to pass it on to another person)…I do “own” shawls that I made in both knit and crochet, I will "donate"them to my local group “Warm hands, Warm hearts” without question. Thank you.

Would you care to offer some FO images of what you’ve made? I long to be able to crochet and would love to see.

Local charities are great and if you happen to one day see someone snuggled up in one that may feel wonderful. A friend of my son’s has a homeless person he has come to know and that he gives food and some cash to when they encounter. They have known each other for a year or so now. I said I’d knit the man a scarf that can just be handed to him directly. It leads me to feel good knowing a ‘presence’ is out there that will receive and be fractionally warmer on these cold winter nights.

I am also an adult, my friend, and I never meant to humiliate you.

I knit for charity all the time, including the Oddball projects that involve over 100 of the KH forum members. We all knit the items, and pay our own postage. None of us has been or ever will be compensated for that. We give from our hearts, without expecting anything in return.

I was just surprised to see you asking specifically for a Debbie Bliss book in return for your shawl. I believe that book is worth over 20 dollars. And wouldn’t they have to pay postage to mail it to you?

I just didn’t understand your reasoning with that request. As I said with my first post in that thread, if you’re looking for a trade, you should go to the “Buy/Sell/Swap” thread.

Here’s where you’ll find my “stuff” Thanks for asking:muah: Cheley

I have to admit, I agree with Shandeh. It’s a little odd to ask for a trade in return for a donation. But I certainly don’t think Shandeh would intentionally try to humiliate you Cheley!:hug:

It is very easy to have a misunderstanding in print. Without the tone of the voice… or the intonation it is sometimes hard to understand what the writer meant.

I know for a fact that this group reaches out to all, and forgives and moves on…

Shandeh goes above and beyond… as many due.

It is easy to misinterpret things printed.

Please chalk it up to nonverbal misunderstanding…

Life is too short & precious to let it consume anyone to the point of frustration…

This group has reached out and took over a charity project for me due to my illness… They did it out of love, if you wish to participate in a charity, believe me… they will welcome you with open arms.


Snowbear is right about the difference between verbal/nonverbal communication.

I can totally vouch for Shandeh – she is a sweetheart and I’m CERTAIN that her correspondence w/you held NO malicious, condescending or insulting intentions.

I love how this community is so supportive of everyone and Sandy does do many wonderful things. However not everyone operates in the same “selfless” way that Sandy does and everyone needs to respect that.

However, I do think this is an important time to note that we do need to utlize PMs if we are questioning someone on something like this.

I may be alone in this but I hope that everyone learns that perhaps PMs are a good avenue for such discussions. The use of emoticons can be construed incorrectly and PMs are a much better way to discuss things than using the :neutral: emoticon.

I’m sorry if this offends any one, but I feel this side needs to be pointed out.

I’ve refrained from saying something because KH peeps will possibly consider me biased, but…

each of her posts takes just a little bit more from her credibility. :yadda:

Kudos, Sandy, for taking a stand in defense of charities and those who seriously support them. :notworthy:


You can question my credibility, because you don’t know me…:yadda:but I think the “icon” that you decided on using says it all…you are biased
. :cheering:So, have a nice day, I am sooo glad that everyone vented their frustation today… I apologized for offending any “charity” of few blogs ago:woot:

Oh, I’m sorry. :hug: :heart: :blooby:

Bless your heart. I’m not questioning your credibility.

I’d just like to make 4 points:

  1. Sandy is a wonderful person, who doesn’t know that? I [I]know[/I] that she would [I]never[/I] “attak” or publicly humiliate another person here. I believe that this whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

  2. Charity knitting is exactly what it seems, you’re giving to someone less fortunate than you. There is usually no “trading” involved. You are [I]giving[/I] something for nothing.

  3. If someone wants to trade a knitted item for a book, that’s not exactly a donation, and it should probably be posted to the Buy/Sell/Swap board.

  4. This is a great forum with fantastic people who are so quick to forgive/forget disputes, and I think we can safely say that there was no “dispute”, if there was, than it’s over, and that we’re a happy, functioning KH again! :cheering:

And, Cheley, no one was questioning your credibility, judging from your posts (including your reply earlier) , you’re a great person!

cheley, I hope that we can get to know each other better. Hopefully, our next conversation will be happier and more constructive. :wink:

Not to stir the pot anymore, but I agree with Sara. I think we need to be careful how we “straighten out” people here…especially newer members. Regardless of everyone’s feelings about charity knitting, I think the point is that Cheley felt hurt by how strongly she was, in my opinion, reprimanded.

I think those of us who are here all the time sometimes forget that others just need a little nudge in the right direction…not a shove.

Then I profusely apologize.