Do I really have to do this?

Hi everyone, I am somewhat new to knitting, and I am making my first sweater. But I don’t understand why the pattern is having me do this. I am making the Banff sweater from, and it tells me to work the decrease rows like this: RS decrease row: k2, p1tbl, k2tog; work to last 3 sts; p1tbl, k2 WS decrease row: p2, k1tbl, p2tog tbl; work to last 3 sts; k1tbl; p2

Im confused because it’s stockinette fabric, but the pattern says p1tbl on the RS decrease row, and k1tbl on the WS. But when I do this, it gives me a purl bump on the knit side, and a knit stitch in the purl side! Is there are reason why I am doing this? And why do I have to do it before I k/ptog? I hope you can help!


Well, the instructions identifies that as a “pattern”, so the resulting stitches are supposed to look like that. They will create a pattern in your knitting, and give the peice it’s distinguished look that the designer put into it.

If you don’t want to do them like that, then decrease however you want to. But, be warned, that the finished result may not be what you wanted. :wink:

Thanks for the advice! I understand what you are saying, I guess what I was actually asking was if I was doing it right. I’m assuming that I am then, since you didn’t say “You are not supposed to have purl bumps on the knit side if you follow this pattern!” My other question is, on the WS decrease row, it says "p2, k1tbl,p2tog tbl… The part I underlined confuses me, does that mean I purl 2 together, through the back loop? If so, why would I do that? It does not tell me to do that on the RS decrease row, that side you just k2tog in the regular way. I don’t mind following the pattern, I am just wondering if ultimately there will be a reason for the things it asks me to do.

Thanks, matt

When you knit two together you twist the stitch (even when you just knit) You don’t when you purl normally. So my guess is that they want those stitches to twist, too. Remember to bring the needle around to the back and insert it from left to right on the back loop to do the purl tbl.

OK Ingrid, I’ll do what your signature says, and “Trust the pattern!” I hope this works, because so far it’s beautiful!


:smiley: That’s exactly why I put that there. When we try to second guess what the designer wrote, we get more confused. I find that if I just do what I’m told, it usually works out just fine.

If its any consolation, after you become adept at p2togtbl, you will never have another problem with another knitting stitch. That is the most awkward one Ive ever had to do…

Yes, p2tog tbl is the most awkward thing I have ever had to do at this point in my knitting career. I have even made projects with intatsia, and that seemed more natural that p2tog tbl! But I think I have the hang of it, although this pattern has me doing all these things to twist my stitches, and its leaving my fabric with…all these twisted stitches! (imagine that) But I trust you guys!


Matt, what pattern are you making? If we could see a pic of it, we might be able to explain the reason for the twisted sts…

Here is a link to the pattern I am making

I actually discovered the reason all on my own! As I’ve been knitting, the twisty, bumpy, ugly stitches have sort of folded in on themselves. The two normal stitches on either side of the twisted ones sort of come together and hide the twist, so the ugly stitches stick out on the wrong side. I guess I’m hiding the decrease stitches this way? The fabric looks more or less like regular stockinette, unless you pull it, then the twists show. Thank you guys! You are all so nice, and if i had not listened to you, I would have just continued to do it my way, and I’m sure I would have messed it up. But it’s looking great now!


I like it! I think I just may try it myself…some day when I get caught up with other stuff. As I have said before, I am a crocheter foremost. So now that the colder days and Christmas are on their way, I have been commissioned to make several blankets and scarves. The money’s great and the satisfaction on their faces is better (I truly enjoy knowing someone actually uses what I make…but hey the $$ doesn’t hurt either)

[size=3][/size]So anyway, I don’t have too much time to work on my new knitting stuff. Slowly but surely. But this is definitely on my to do list.

[size=1][/size]Is there any cure for this constant need to start new stuff? My husbands solution is to ban me from buying any new yarn until I finish a few things first…who is he trying to kid. The will of Hobby Lobby is much stronger then his :notworthy: :?