Do I or Don't I

just seen the most cutest waistcoat for baby boy and very tempted to try it out. But - am l ready? lol. That and Im not quite sure I understand how to do all this gauge business.

Figured a waistcoat would be an easy beginner venture into the world of knitted clothing…what do you all think?

Got a link?

yes…ish. but The pattern itself I have to buy so its unviewable. Cant find any cute freebies

also in love with this one

The blue waistcoat (vest) is very easy, and I think you could totally do it! Click here.

The other vest is not as easy because of the cable work. There are some foreseeable challenges when you get further into the V-neckline shaping. The decreases will eventually bite too far into the pattern, and you’ll have to finesse the cable pattern due to the lack of stitches to perform the entire cable repeat.

This challenge would be a bit of a challenge for me as well. Plus, each side…the left front and the right front…will have a different remedy for the lack of stitches left on the needle to make it look right.

What the heck, go for it! Size isn’t a huge issue with children’s clothing, and making children’s clothing first is a great way to learn shaping and construction of clothing without investing tons of knitting time.

Take it one step at a time, and if you get stuck anywhere, you know there is lots of help available here.

Bought and downloaded the knitting pattern - looks straight forward but I’m sure they’ll be a point where I’m going to scream and go arrgh what was I thinking?!

Now…i’m thinking size. Baby is technically 3 weeks old…currently we’re entering summer (if you can call the UK actually having a summer…sizes for this pattern are 0-6 months, 6-12, etc…now…would knitting the first size be a bit silly for now? or should i knit for 6-12, in which case baby would be 6 months in November…but don’t know how much wear a baby would get in a waistcoat in the winter period…i mean, babies need to be kept super duper warm right?

Yea! I’m glad you decided to go for it. That’s a super cute pattern. (I thought a waistcoat would be a vest but I wasn’t sure.) Ingrid’s right, it will be a great opportunity. I think the 6-12 mo size would be the better option because babies grow so fast. It would be good in November IMO but as you’ll have it done sooner it will probably be worn sooner. Babies need to be kept warm but I learned early on that if I kept mine too warm they got sick.

Did you get the blue vest? It’s adorable and looks pretty easy. You’ll learn a lot and baby things are a good way start.

Read through the pattern, but just do it one step at a time. A lot of times the instructions make more sense when the project is in progress. And if you use yarn that is the suggested weight it makes it a lot easier so you don’t have to fiddle with resizing. :thumbsup:

Yes its the blue one. I have read through it and as i said in my last post it seems easy enough. I am not going to start on it too quickly though, let me figure out how to seam this blooming blanket - although i’m quite tempted to make a start. I’m having a nightmare seaming. Seems I may have to block them ALL by looking at them. I thought blankets were supposed to be easy knits for beginners. oh well. Giving myself a bit of time away from it to cool down and get back to it when I am in more of a patient mood. lol!

Blankets are easy if you do them in one piece. I avoid seaming if at all possible on everything. Most of the time there is a similar project that doesn’t require seaming so it’s easy.

I probably should’ve done it in one piece instead of knitting bunches of squares and having to seam them all up. :frowning: Why did i listen to my sister? “Knit a patchwork blanket, easy peasy” Sure. knitting squares easy peasy. Putting them together not so easy peasy.

Do you crochet? Crocheting them together might be easier.

Nope never crotchet in my life…ever…i’m starting to think i should’ve learnt how to crotchet than knit, cos my friends who do tell me its so much easier than knitting lol!

Do said friends knit also? I find knitting easier, now that I’ve learned how to do it, and I crocheted for a long time before knitting. Get your sister who said easy peasy to do the seaming.

Under finishing there’s a few videos…the one called mattress stitch is one you should know if you’re going to do things like sweaters in pieces rather than seamless.

This video is good if your squares are a little different and it also shows mattress stitch. There’s a few more ideas as well.

thing is, these squares are being with the stitches in the opposite direction…so mattress stitch isnt helping…loook at the pattern you’ll see what i mean

Patchwork Garter Throw -

nope friends arent knitters. and my sister lives too far from me so asking her is a pain

A video showing garter stitch seam when pieces are going different directions. HTH

Thanks GG :slight_smile: I shall look at that properly later. in the meantime, off I go to block squares

The video GG posted is helpful. I do want to say though that you need to be careful not to over think this. In the over all finished blanket with a million seams a few little off stitches aren’t going to show. Really!