Do I not have enough yarn? Your opinions, please


I’m planning on starting on Quant from the most recent issue of Knitty:

My problem is that it calls for a skein of yarn 128 yards long. I have a skein of yarn of about the same weight, only it is 100 yards long. I don’t want to do most of it only to run out of yarn…do you guys have any suggestions? Yarn-saving tips? Maybe I just make the entrelac section shorter, but by how much do you think? Or does someone with expert eyes think that 100 yds will be enough? (I can only hope :mrgreen: Perhaps I should contact Star Athena.)

I need to do a gauge on it to figure out what needles and method I’m gonna want to use, and then I’ll have more info; right now I’m devoting all my attention to my first project.

Thank you!

I would contact her. She said she had some left over, I’d just find out if it was at least 25 yards.

To try to stretch your yarn you could do the i-cord and little triangle that leads into the body in a different yarn. That part won’t be seen much. But even with doing that I would still email her.

I contacted Star Athena; she said she weighed the remaining yarn, and it was half an ounce. Can anyone give me an idea of what sort of yardage that might be? Thank you!

half an ounce is 14 grams. The Yarn she used is 50grams = 128 yards or 2.56 yards per gram. 2.56 x 14 = 35.84 extra yards. So I would say that you are probably OK to go ahead, but make sure you match gauge or you could be in trouble.

You guys have been such a big help! Thank you so much! I’ve started on the pattern, and it’s going well. So exciting :woot: . Thanks once again.