Do I need to weave in ends in a lined blanket?

Hi all,
I’m making a baby blanket which has sheep on it. The back is very messy so I’ve decided to line it.

I think i did a silly thing though, which was to cut the thread each time for the sheep, so now I have loads of yarn to weave in. Each sheep has 14(!) ends of yarn to be woven in, and it’s taking me forever. It’s also really hard to do without the yarn showing at the front, because the blanket is mostly yellow and most of the ends I have to weave in are black.

My question is - if I’m lining the blanket so all the ends will be hidden anyway, how important is it that I weave them in? Do you think I can get away without doing it?


You need to be sure all ends are secure so your hard work knitting doesn’t come undone and some yarns will work loose more easily than others. Other than that I don’t think it matters a lot if they’re all neatly woven in.

Yes, what @GrumpyGramma said. You just want to make sure the ends don’t come out when washing or baby grabbing and chewing. .

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