Do I need to block this hat?

My first hat is done! On to the second one. I might make a third, too, if there’s yarn left over.

So my newbie knitter question: the pattern is here – should I block this hat, and if so, how, when it’s dome shaped like that? (It’s made out of Cascade 220 and Cascade Heather, if that makes any difference.) I notice the ribbing flips up a little bit when it’s not being worn and it’s lying flat – it doesn’t do that when it’s being worn, tho.

I’m very pleased, I think my tension is improving!

It is certainly worth a try. There are a number of ways, i would give it a gentle soak in some warm (not hot) water with a little detergent in, and then carefully rinse it using some warm water. then i would gentle press out any excess water using a towel , form the hat into its correct dimensions and shape and leave to dry.

Thanks, Sophie – do I make some kind of form for it to dry on at the right dimensions or something? Or let it shrink back up as it dries? Otherwise I can’t think of how to pin it into finished dimensions, which of course are approximate anyway…!