Do I need to block it?

I’m knitting the “Falling Leaves” scarf for my mom for Mother’s Day. :XX: :XX: :XX: The yarn I am using is called DREAM its 50% Acrylic, 19% Polyimid,18%Viscose, and 13% Angora. Do I have to block it? The sweater seems to be laying pretty flat already. I’m :?? wondering if everything I knit has to be blocked?? Thanks.

If you like it the way it is, leave it. Since your yarn is mostly acrylic, it probably won’t hold blocking, anyway.

Lace and Fair Isle sweaters are the only things I know of that pretty much have to be blocked.

If something is curling or looks bunched up or is too small, then blocking is more useful.

Thank Ingrid. I never used this yarn before. Its very soft. I think I’ll keep it as it is…looks fine now. Thank you.

I wanna see the pictures :smiley: That’s my very, very favorite scarf :smiley: