Do I need 5 dpns for this?

I am going to try and make my second pair of socks. I used Silvers tutorial the first time and it was great. I am trying to make broadripple for and I am confused…it says to divide the co stitches on to 4 dpns. Do I need a 5th for the working needle or can I just knit and move the appropriate # of stitches to the next needle as I go? Did that make any sense?

Yes, you use a 5th needle. I know Crystal Palace DPNs come in sets of 5. Not sure about other brands.

Clover bamboo needles are in sets of five, too.

Oh darn I guess I will just have to shop. Thats a shame.

Thanks for the quick response! You all are the best!

there are two cir instructions there too! they may be my first pair of socks now that i have seen that…thanks for askin’ the question so i could seeeee them! :thumbsup: