Do I just make the back as WRONG as the front?

So I completed the front of this sweater, and I am halfway done with the back, to the part where the cables start. I start doing the decrease rows and it just doesn’t look the same as the front. So I check the directions, decrease row after every 8th row. Okay, check. That is what I"m doing, only it doesn’t seem to match the front. So I look more closely at the front. I did the decrease rows after every 6th row on the front!!! So now do I just keep going and hope for the best?

If the front looks as if it will fit the way it is, I would call it a “redesign” and make the back match. (It wouldn’t be wrong then – just different!)

If the front is too short, or sections of it are too short because of the change, I would pull it out to the point of the decreases and reknit it. No way would I try to make the back “right” when the front is “wrong.”

But some have said I lack imagination. Do you think you could fudge it?

I keep holding the front up to me and it seems as if it will fit together and be okay. I can always find someone less “busty” to give it to I supposed. I haven’t decided if I am willing to frog that much at this point. :shrug: