Do I......don't I?

I really want this organizer because I love the fabric… but it is a bit spendy

Do I or don’t I?


[size=3][/size] I like the case, but 55 bucks??? Couldn’t you try to find some fabric that looks like that and make your own? Yikes. I’d rather spend 5 bucks on fabric and thread and 50 bucks on yarn, than 55 bucks on a needle case!

IMHO, of course!

See, in theory I totaly would. I would really rather spend the money on yarn. I even went and looked (almost bought) fabric and went hunting for a pattern BUT then I remembed that I can’t sew :evil:

Here is that exact fabric on ebay…

There’s 6+ days left in the auction, so you should be able to get it. It IS the only one on there though!!!

I don’t think you need to know how to really sew; there’s a super easy needle holder pattern in stitch and bitch: all you really need to know how to do is measure and sew a straight line (which you will draw with a fabric pencil)
But there’s other patterns out there too… I wonder if you could do wone with fusible webbing???

Hildy, how on earth did you find that fabric?!! I’m impressed!

Hey Nuno, you could have Amigarabita make you one. I sent her the pattern for my needle organizer, and she’s making them for sale. I think it’s still $20. See the thread in the Buy/Sell/Swap forum. You could buy the fabric on eBay and have it shipped right to her!

Or, you could just do your best at sewing it yourself! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Mine certainly isn’t. They’re fun to make, though, and you’d have all that yarn money left!

I’m not opposed to splurging though. Get it if it feels good.

Amy :slight_smile:

It is lovely fabric, but I’m with the majority on this one!

Oh wow, I love all those fabrics…I bookmarked her :slight_smile:

If you can afford to splurge, I say go for it. Yes, you could save a lot of money to spend on yarn, but lets think about the time commitment. If you’re not a sewer and have never made one of these, then the time and effort could have been well spent on an actual knitting project.

Sometimes I see a really beautiful sweater at a store. I think, “Hmmm, I could make that.” BUT…then I also think, “I already have enough projects that I want to knit, so if I buy it, I will have it now. Then I can spend more time reducing my knitting “to do” list instead of adding to it.”

There are times when you just need to treat yourself. My vote is to “DO IT!”

I’m with Beldaraan. If you really love, it, then you probably won’t be sorry you bought it, and you can put your time and effort into other projects.

Those cases appear to be beautifully made and professionally finished. Someone who doesn’t know how to sew would find it difficult if not impossible to match that level of quality. It all depends on what you’re looking for and how important aesthetics are to you. And if you’re going to splurge on an expensive case like that, plan for the future – make sure that the arrangement of the case fits your anticipated creative needs.

[Soapbox confession: Sewing is my first love as a hobby, I’ve been doing it since childhood, and I find that people usually underestimate the time and effort it takes to do it well – the same with knitting and other handcrafts.]

OK, down off the soapbox – what about the suggestion of purchasing the fabric on ebay and then sending it to the person making Amy’s case pattern? That might save you some money?

I recently splurged after Christmas and bought myself the straight needle case but in a different fabric. I LOVE it!! I lug my knitting back and forth to work or in the car that I deserve to have something nice to carry my needles in. I can’t sew for beans so I would never have the patience to try to attempt making it. You will probably have it for a long time anyway… :wink:

Good thing I didn’t get it… The limited eddition Eagles Box set is coming out! I need to save all my pennies for that :wink: