Do I Dare? Entrelac Socks?

I remember seeing some entrelac socks in beige and teal and it just so happens I just bought some sock yarn from a KHer in exactly those colors…do I dare??? Is it difficult???:noway:

Entrelac isn’t difficult, just takes a bit of getting used to. It’s pretty much coming down to knitting only a certain number of stitches at a time, rather than the whole row or round. It takes a little bit of practice to get down, but on the whole, it certainly isn’t difficult.

Thanks! Now if I could only find that pattern…:teehee:

I think you might mean Eunny Jang’s pattern in the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits?

entrelac socks sound very interesting to me

Yep they are in the Spring issue of Interweave knits…they were my first toe up socks… I didn’t make them as knee highs though :teehee:…It also went faster once I started knitting backwards instead of turning…it’s not hard at all…I say give it a try…

I took classes at my LYS two years go and made an Entrelac bag. But I forgot now how I did it. I have a few books on it but I am the kind that needs to SEE it done then I get it pretty quickly. Darn…I should have made something else in Entrelac sooner so I’d remember.

Entrelac is a lot of fun and entrelac sox are even more fun. I knit one… made it a knee high, but haven’t finished the second one yet. I do recommend learning to knit backwards (without turning) because turning your work every 6 stitches takes up a lot of time. Entrelac is fun because you only knit one little square or rectangle at a time so it feels like it’s less work than it is. :wink:

Thanks! Yes, that was it. I found the magazine and pattern last night!

I loved knitting my Entrelac socks! I did the same as dustinac and made them regular sock (crew) length instead of knee highs. Mine can be seen here :

I LOVE doing Entrelac. I am working on the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole. This one is not my. I :heart: to knit,:knitting: but working this wrap has been so much more fun. I do run into trouble:frog: but once you get HOW it is made up then It is easier and so much fun. I can’t tell you how much fun I am having making this wrap.:woot: that is one reason I am not on here that much lately because I am knitting up the wrap.

Just in case the first link does not work, here are a couple more of the same wrap. Heres a link to a lot of themon one page.

Thanks for the encouragement AND the pictures. I WILL do it!!!

BTW, Carla, your link was broken, can you please try again? I’d like to see what that stole looks like.

I hope I fixed the link, but just in case you don’t get an e-mail telling you that I fixed the old post, I am posting a new post so you will be notified. =)