Do I cut the yarn or can I carry it through?

Hi there. I am really new at knitting and I am attempting to knit a sweater for my baby. I am working on the Tricolor Ensemble by Doreen Marquart. So the pattern says to do 5 garter stitches in blue at the beginning of the row, switch to green do the row and then go back to blue for the last 5 garter stitches in the row. Do I cut the blue yarn every time or do I pull it all the way over from one end to the other, how do you do that? Thanks.

It sounds like you need to drop the blue yarn, knit across with the green and then use a new end of yarn (from a new ball or the other end of a skein) for the last 5 sts. When you switch yarn colors, you need to carry one strand over the other so that the yarns are twisted and you don’t leave a hole. See the video on intarsia knitting here for help if you need to.