Do hat and glove patterns need to match?

I made a hat in a spiral lace pattern for my sister-in-law. I have left-over yarn and would like to make her fingerless gloves also. Would it look strange if I did a cable or diamond pattern on the gloves, or am I better off with a simpler rib or stockinette stitch?


They don’t [I]need[/I] to match. I think it’s a matter of personal preference and what you think your sil would like. And not having seen the scarf it’s hard to say. But for me, if I was going to use the same yarn I’d probably go with a simpler stitch on the gloves and let the more eye catching pattern of the lace scarf predominant. Rather than having 2 competing patterns. That’s just IMO.

And it’s funny you should ask… I just went through a similar question myself, but about hats and scarves. I knit a couple of hats from stash yarn this past week and realized I don’t have scarves to wear with them. For myself, I don’t always want a matchy-match hat and scarf set. For example, I just finished the koolhass hat, a very cably pattern. I don’t have enough left over yarn to make a scarf, but even if I did, I don’t think I’d try to replicate the pattern in it. I’m going to check out my LYS for a yarn that will compliment it or be somewhat coordinating with the color, if that makes any sense. And knit a plainer scarf, maybe just a garter stich in a nice varigated yarn. But if I was going to use the same yarn for the scarf as for the hat, I’d be more apt to match the patterns.
Just my own personal version of the knit rules (i.e crazy) lol. :knitting:

I made the Odessa hat (spiral) for a DIL for christmas and wanted to make matching handwarmers, but couldn’t figure out how to do a thumb. Then I thought I’d just skip it, and make them without but didn’t have time so just forgot it. It would be nice, but not necessary.