Do any of you...?

Buy yarn, with a specific project in mind, then by the time you get to it wonder what on earth you had planned to do with it? I have got to come up with a better system. Or some sort of a system!

When I buy yarn for a specific project I put it all in a bag along with a copy of the pattern of the project. That way, when I get around to knitting that project, I will remember what I had wanted to do. Hope this helps:thumbsup:

I wish I at least did it that way! I tend to just buy whatever looks pretty to me that day and then try to figure out what to do with it later (and of course, I never end up having bought enough to do the project I pick).

um … no! of course not! never happened to me! :smiley:

Honestly? Yeah, it’s happened. What happens even more frequently that that, though, is deciding I don’t really want to do that project after all.

That’s what I use Ravelry for. You can put the pattern in your queue and put the yarn name in there. Or put the yarn in your stash and put a note on it that you’d like to use it for a certain project (whether or not you have a specific pattern in mind, i.e. lacy shawl, shrug, etc.)

logic? organization? who, me? NEVER! :roflhard:

HMMM - typically if I buy yarn with a specific project in mind I start it as soon as I buy the yarn b/c I have to get it done to give to someone.

What tends to happen to me is that I will see yarn and think - oh that would make a great whatever and buy the yarn figuring I will look for the pattern later and then I find a pattern and don’t have enough yarn.

I do what Dawn does. I have tons of zip top bags in my house!!