Do any of you?

Go to the yarn shop and buy new yarn when you find a new pattern rather than use what you already have? I am fairly new to knitting (about a year ago) and I find I do this all the time! I have already horded quite a stash! It is an addiction isn’t it? No cure?


:waving:Welcome to the Wonderful World of Knitting. You are suffering from the stash enhancing afflication–buying yarn when you know you have perfectly good yarn at home.

Its terminal :pout:–there is no cure!


I’ve only been to one LYS (we live in nowhere land!) and it’s about half an hour from my house. It’s not what I imagine a LYS to be, though – they are more of an all craft store, with no comfy chairs to sit in or whatever else I imagined a yarn shop to be…
Anyway, they do have yarn, and some nice stuff, in addition to Walmart type yarn. I hardly ever go to this town, and since we are a one car family, I don’t even get out much…
But, whenever I happen to be in the town for any reason, I stop by the LYS, even if I don’t have a new pattern! I tell myself I’m not going to buy new yarn until I finish this project, or use up more stash, but then I see something on sale, or fall in love with a yarn, and I buy something! My husband isn’t always too happy, but his motto is if I’m happy he’s happy!

No, it apparently isn’t curable. I could probably knit for the next 10 years and not use up what I have. And that’s the ‘good’ stuff. Yet, I keep getting more.:shrug:

I suppose that like any addiction, you build up a tolerance. You start with the exact amount you need for a pattern, and graduate to buying yarn ahead of time for the next, and it sprals to buying yarn just because you like it and especially because it’s on sale.

But once you’ve gotten used to having those mountains of yarn in your house, you see a pattern that just won’t go with [I]any [/I]of the yarns you have so you’re off and running.:rofl:

I have that same addiction, and I believe (just like Ingrid) that it isn’t curable.

My work is just next door to my favourite LYS…it is so difficult to not go there after work or at lunch time. I often go in to just window shop but then I find a yarn and I think …oh I must have that. I try not to buy it and at home i come up with all sorts of ideas and projects, look for patterns etc. I’ll buy it when the thought of not having that yarn becomes unbearable…this sounds so sad :oo: but I have been getting more and more reasonable about this. …until I start browsing on e-bay…:noway:…it seems never ending and a vicious circle but it always me so happy (the knitting high I call it :wink: )

Yep, just did it today.

And bought some wool that I don’t even have a project for yet.

I’ve only started knitting about a week ago. But I had like 7 skeins of yarn for like 4-6 years, just because I wanted to learn to knit. I really want to buy more yarn, even though I’ve only learned casting on and the knit snitch. I think it’s because I want to learn to knit things so I want to be prepared with yarn ready.

All the time.

I’ve given up making excuses for it.

Sounds like you are just beginning on your stash enhancement. It’s like a sourdough starter, you have to feed it regularly and take a little out so it can grow nicely ROFL!