I am new to knitting. I bought red heart ribbons and know the general concepts to do this type of scarf but I am having a problem. One video shows knitting ever space which is too tight and another says knit every other space and is too loose. Any one have experience with this Yarn? Thanks

What pattern are you doing? Post a link if you have one because it helps when asking questions.

The last comment at the following link talks about this yarn and the scarves I think you’re referencing: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/frilly-knit-scarf/comments

By the way, ravelry.com is free to join (if you aren’t already a member).

Have you knit 3-4 inches of fabric with this yarn to get a good idea of what it’s like? I’m not sure how much needle size affects it but are you knitting with a size 9 or 10 needle? I’ve only seen the yarn used by knitting into every space.

Thank you for your responses. I watched the on line videos before I started with the yarn. Their scarves were full and round. Mine is flat and hangs down. The problem seems to be that the thread you knit is long and this causes the scarf to hang. I am using #9 needles. How do I get the stitches to tighten up like the video Mikey did. I ordered a lot of this yarn and am really frustrated. I made several Sashay scarves and did not have any problems. Any advice will be appreciated.

Is this Mikey’s video that you’re referencing? I’ve not worked with ribbons yarn, a shot in the dark so to speak: have you tried knitting every loop? Maybe for some reason your loops are longer than those that Mikey was working with.

Are you knitting with 6sts on the needle for one of the rounded scarfs? That will help the piece round up when you take it off the needles.
The other thing is that at about the 5:40 point in the video, Mikey stretches out the stitches and the whole thing looks very flat. Keep going and see if the piece looks more the way you want after several inches.
What are you making?

I just made a ribbon scarf and had the SAME problem.

The written directions say to knit every loop. The videos say, and show, knitting every other loop (or even more if you want really loose and baggy).

What I found is that you MUST knit every other loop. If you knit every loop you will get a scarf that just has tiered layers, that lay flat on top of one another. By knitiing every other loop you will get ruffles.