DK increase?

Im sorry if this has been already posted somewhere or already been answered.

I had made a “Kitty Pi” for my cats, and it was the first time I had ever used double ended needles. My cats don’t know how to use it so it so atleast I got the experience. I thought I’d make a hat out of the same pattern, but altered to fit.

I figured out how to double knit, and tried it on regular needles, then started it on my double ended needles. Then I relized, that I’m not completely shure how to increase in double knitting. I’ve looked all over the web for instructions and even thought of a way to do it my self, but to no avail.

If anyone could help me, it would be such a help! :smiley:

Hmm… :thinking: Ive never thought about this. I’ve done DEcreases on a DK hat, and for those, I just had to slip sts over to the right & reconfigure them so the 2 same-color sts were next to each other then slip them back to the left to knit them together…

What kind of increase did the original pattern call for?

It didn’t call for any in particular, so I used the one I alwayse use (not what I should do). the one I use is you k1 then move the right needle in back and k1 with the back of the stich.

If you have any ideas of using a diffrent stich, I’m completely open to anything becuase my knitting is sitting on my couch… looking sad. :frowning:

I have tried inc in dk before, but not in the round, although I think the concept should be about the same -
I did the same thing , k in front and back of the st, because it doesn’t usually leave a hole. I just made sure to do all my inc and dec at the edges (maybe where you change needles?) to keep it even…
Or, you could try starting from the bottom and working up - KellyK has a cute DK hat pattern link somewhere…

Im sure that would work…you could just rearrange those sts on your next round so they alternate again…

thank you. I cant start from the bottom, becuase the hat is supposed to have ear flaps. I will probaly just increase, and move around the stiches. I just think that this is such a wonderful stich, its just sutch a shame that its so limited when it comes to shapeing :frowning: