"Dizzy" Springtime Spiral hat

This is a spiral pattern hat for my daughter’s birthday done in Springtime Tonal worsted weight and Peapod worsted weight from Knitpicks, both of which are washable and dryable. She is a redhead so I thought it would look great on her.

That is one good lookin’ hat, Nonny. I am sure she will love it.

That’s a really interesting and cute hat. That color will pop on her red head. I think it’ll be great.

Very nice hat! As a redhead myself, I support the colour choice :slight_smile:

Great color choice and very good looking hat. I love it!

Again, I love the yarn color. The hat and mitts will look lovely together.

I love it! So pretty.

I love the greens in this. :heart: A very nice hat and (from the other thread) great little mitts to go with it.

It is so luscious! Great work! Love the combination of yarn, color and design! Inspiring!

Love the color and pattern! It’ll be perfect for a red head!