DIY swift ultra cheap

lazy susan
two wire coat hangers
duct tape


Straighten out the hangers w/pliers, tape to the susan, bend arms upwards. Easy peasy.

I looted the susan from my kitchen; cost me $2 originally. Hangers, duct tape and pliers are ubiquitous. If you don’t have something, you can probably borrow from a neighbor.

If the ends of the wire snag, you could slip a piece of aquarium tubing over them, wrap with some masking tape or dip in that plastic dip sold for tool handles.

ooooohhh and the wires would bend for different sized yarn hanks!:muah:

It’s genius! :cheering:

Quite clever! Congratulations!

Agreed! Completely genius!:notworthy:

oooh, KEWL!! you are so clever!

Very cool. I’m all for anything that involves duct tape. :thumbsup:

What an ingenious idea! Thanks for the tutorial, I may have to actually make one.

lol It seems that wire coat hangers are the ultimate knitting DIY supply :woot:

It’s so awesome!

Update – After using it for a while, I found the setup was a little bit too light. If the yarn hit any resistance, the plastic susan would either slide towards me or backspin a little in the opposite direction.

I put two cans of vegetables on it to add weight, spaced equally for balance. The extra weight gives it some “oomph” and controls the spin better.

That is freaking BRILLIANT!! You are a GENIUS!!

Now to go and find myself an old lazy susan.

That is very cool! I suspect that my DH, who is a mechanic, can improve upon the design in his own special way…while he is as big a fan of duct tape as any other guy, he really loves permatex, so I’m thinking he’d use that to bind the hangers to the susan, and then maybe add some drapery weights or small iron plates bound to the surface of the susan with the permatex to help keep the swift from tipping over…

Hmmm…must talk to DH about this later. Of course, that would mean I’d have to give in and buy a winder! :teehee:

Marlajap, for sure this could be tweaked and improved. For that matter, there’s plans for a wood homemade swift over at If you or your hubby is handy, something like that would be easy to make. And it would look a whole lot nicer.

I have all the tools and stuff to make a wood one, but I just didn’t want to mess around measuring and sawing and drilling. I was looking for something cheap & fast.

I also like mine because it comes apart & goes back together in a minute or two. It’s also light enough and small enough to fit in a tote or even my laptop bag. The duct tape can be stuck and unstuck several times before it loses its stickiness.

Wow! Such simple genius. Now to go find some wire clothes hangers. I went out a few years ago and bought all plastic, but this is definitely worth doing.

That’s so clever! I waited years before getting one - and that my dad finally made me! - To think I could have done one myself with all those spare hangers!

I got to thinking about how to use the swift with larger hanks. Just bend the wires as shown.

I also posted the directions at