DIY post about crochet

Hello! I have looked everywhere and used the handy dandy search button and I cannot find a post that was made here about a program on DIY which had info about incorporating crochet into knitting projects. I think it was about finishing with crochet.
I know I read it here and there was a link to DIY network, but now I can’t find it here nor there! Would someone please help me find it? :smiley:
Thanks a million!

Here’s a link to the network, but I don’t know what show it is.

was it a knitty gritty episode? i’m a KG freak and the only crochet i can think of is Lily Chin showed a bind-off with crochet hook and on a different episode she showed how to bead with a crochet hook. On an intarsia bag, they used crochet chains to accentuate polka dots. On an episode about evening tops, there was a crocheted wedding dress showcased at the end… The edging episode was all knit edgings. That’s all I can think of. Do you know any more about the info that was in the link?

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond… life got in the way.

It was about binding off with a crochet hook. I’ll have to go find the exact episode.

Thanks for all the help!

It was one of the Lily Chin episodes here


That tips and tricks with Lily Chin was really good. I have it on tape! :shock: